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Monday, August 18, 2008

Extra Man? ONLY Man!

I still think Goren and Rodgers would make a good couple. Going out with Ross must have been an aberration.


Butt shot.

Me want kissy finger better!

Nearly gotcha.




judith said...

PLEASE don't wish that on "bobby". she'd be dire to go out with.!!

jazzy said...

goren and jazzy would make a good couple, too.
oooh what a nice butt shot btw.

great post!

Goddessdster said...

And Music Wench thought it odd when I said Ross and Eames would make a good couple! Bobby and Rodgers! Wow. You went there, yes you did.

Eliza said...

As Rodgers is the only woman I've seen actually smack him down I guess it might work,but then I could smack him just as easily :-D

Nice selection of pics...especially the tongue

SnarkAngel said...


maggoemae363 said...

I agree with you, they would make a great couple! I have been enjoying your blog for a while now, thank you for doing this!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I think Rodgers and Ross are made for each other. Bobby on the other hand, belongs to me, wounded finger and all (poor baby, let me suck it better for you)

silly for Vincent said...

Great writting Val!!!

Anonymous said...

Never noticed the "wounded finger" before (almost typed wonder finger by accident...well, at least subconsciously).

I still love your captions.

JoJo said...

I wanna pinch his buns so much!!!

But Goren and Rodgers? EWWW. She's so....odd. And what's w/ the unattractively morphing hair?

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