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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Suite Seventeen

I know most of you have read Portia Da Costa's (alias Wendy Wootton) rather erotic novel Entertaining Mr Stone, with a male character based on the lovely Vincent. You probably even know that there is a follow up called Suit Seventeen, which she is just putting the finishing touches to.

This one, as well as having the original Bobby Stone in, also has a character called Valentino. Wendy's posted an excerpt on

Don't miss it!

I Won The Lottery!

The jackpot was £46 million, so I bought a lucky dip ticket - and I won!


It's also my 350th post!

Hello Don

My cousins Don and Lisa at the reunion.

My cousin from Canada has a blog on which he posts pictures he takes of street life in Vancouver. He's just discovered this blog because I commented on his, and of course it's easy to click on your name to follow the link.

He knows nothing of VDO, but it seems rather strange to have a man over here. Much more appropriate for us to visit him. His blog is I can imagine JoJo in particular would be interested as she has just been there. Who knows, JoJo, maybe he can follow your link back and look at your pictures of your trip to his home city.

Saint Eliza

I got a surprise package today, from Eliza, containing Season 5 AND Season 6 Episode 3.

As soon as I've overdosed on Bobby I'll be contacting the Pope to recommend her canonisation.

Eliza, I love you in a totally platonic, fellow-Bobby-lover kind of a way.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sexy 6

I know I'm not alone in thinking Vincent looks really hot in Season 6.

Thanks to TheReel for the pictures.

Somebody please explain

Blogger posts one post twice, substitutes red crosses for pictures in the next post, and refuses to load others. I wish someone would tell me what the f**k goes on here.

What I love about Vincent

His butt.

His feet.

His hands.

The way he stands with his arms folded.

His face
And a whole lot more Blogger wouldn't load

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


My cable company is called ntl (yes, in lower case, clever and inventive, eh!) and since they were taken over by Sir Richard Branson of Virgin fame, they have been supposed to be cleaning house. They had an awful reputation for customer services. Whenever you phoned it was impossible to get through because of the number of calls, and a recording would tell you to phone back later. And later it was just the same, there never was a time to get through. We'd also been waiting for interactive for years.

They set up interactive the day before I went to Canada, and frankly the handset services suck compared to the old set-up. And so it goes on. I have to unplug the box regularly to be able to get the interactive services to boot. When I'm trying to set a reminder it often freezes and has to unplugged.

Today I tried to switch over to one of our 5 terrestrial stations, which are free to view everywhere all the time - and they'd been removed from my "subscription". I tried to phone up for an explanation and guess what - it's a busy time, call back later!

So I unplugged the box and things eventually corrected themselves. The white heat of technology? NOT!

And why the picture of Bobby? You have to ask? WHY NOT!

It's not fair!

Mininova isn't showing Episode 3. JoJo says it's pretty intense in the last 10 minutes. It feels like I'll never know. Well not for 2 years or so, anyway.

Thanks to TheReel, Tamara, Frogger and nayone I may have forgotten for the pictures

It's not fair!

Mininova isn't showing Episode 3. JoJo says it's pretty intense in the last 10 minutes. It feels like I'll never know. Well not for 2 years or so, anyway.

Thanks to TheReel, Tamara, Frogger and nayone I may have forgotten for the pictures

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Luscious Lips

I can't recall ever really noticing a man's lips before. I just took them for granted. After all, men's lips are not one of the features they are noted for, are they?

But Mr D'Onofrio's lips are so succulent, so soft-looking and kissable, so full and well-defined, just on their own, and as part of his face create such an alluring ensemble, that I think about them all the time.

Didn't know I had this one or I'd have used it in the Shoulders post.
Thanks to Frogger, Eliza, DNY, Tamara and anyone else who contributed to this tempting collection.

Tuesday Tongue

Monday, October 02, 2006

I need a hand

One of these will do.

There would be more, but this is all I could upload. Meanwhile my pc is telling me that my virtual memory is too low. WHAT ON EARTH DOES THAT MEAN?

She's on her way!

Mitzi had her stitches out today, and looks surprisingly unscathed. The vet waid there's a scar on her eye, and it will fade over the next four weeks, but I couldn't see it, and she doesn't seem to mind. She was very pleased to have a meal of boiled fish after nearly 24 hours without food.

Thanks to all for your good wishes. Mitzi would give her thanks in person but she's such a nervous little thing I can't get her to come to the computer.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Two things I must do before I die

Touch the fur of a live tiger with my own hands...

...and be touched by the lovely Vincent's lovely hands.
Trouble is, I don't know how to achieve either.

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