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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Off To Edenbridge Tomorrow

A while back I did a post about my friends' house in Kent. It is extremely beautiful, with 5 acres of gardens, a swimming pool (you change for a swim in the oast house* on the right), greenhouses, an orchard, a rose garden and so on and on and on.

Tomorrow they are having a party ( presumably a garden party if the fantastic weather holds) so I am unlikely to find a moment to go online. I'll take lots of pictures and give you the low-down on Monday.

*For those who don't know, an oast house is a building where hops used to be dried prior to making beer with them. Kent was famous for growing hops, and apples, but you hardly ever see a commercial orchard there now.

I've Seen It!

Thanks to Eliza, I have now seen Season 6 Episode 1, Blind Spot. What an emotionally draining experience!

As everyone has said, the arm out of the lift (elevator) door is a great piece of cinematic effects, and I bet it was Vincent's idea. Yes, he's carrying some extra weight round the middle, but he's a big man, he should have some girth as well as height or the wind might carry him away! He is every bit as handsome as ever, and his acting - wow!

Thanks for the pictures to everyone who's posted and I copied them from. I'm hopeless at recalling unless they are watermarked. You are all wonderful for sharing your amazing talents with us.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Men in Black

Showing this Saturday on BBC. It's one of the few of Vincent's films they ever show on non-subscription channels, others being FMJ and The Thirteenth Floor. An occasional Mystic Pizza or TWWW may show up, but otherwise it's over to ebay and buy them for an inflated price.

We get so little chance to appreciate Edgar before he's sucked dry then filled with giant insect. (Sucking Vincent dry, now there's a thought...)

Thanks to Frogger for the chance to see the man without the insect.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

So Brave

Little Mitzi is being so brave about her situation. Can you imagine having your eyelids stitched together and a big plastic collar fixed round your neck? I'd go mad within minutes. How could you sleep? How could you wash - especially if you wash by licking yourself all over? But she is being amazingly tolerant, and I just hope this is doing the trick.

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What's this about the lift?

All you privileged US ladies have seen this and keep mentioning the scene with the lift. WHAT HAPPENED? I can only beg someone to put me out of my misery. Will someone please cap it quick and show-and-tell?

I love Bobby Goren - True!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

S6 - Blind Spot

Thanks to thereelblog for getting out some caps from Season 6 so fast. You absolutely must have a look at Vincent at his best. Here's a taster.

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I found a problem with Picasa

Either it will only let me post 4 of the many photos I selected from the Australian interview (2005) capped by Frogger - or Blogger will only accept 4 at a time.

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Short rations again

Well, only four accepted again, so I'll have to find out why, and see if there's a sloution. It's so easy to see how many gorgeous pictures you have in this Picasa programme and it's therefore almost impossible to resist making HUGE posts - or at least trying to.

Meanwhile we poor Brits can only wait to hear from you lucky folks US-side to find out how the season opener was.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Oh look what I did!

Thanks, Frogger, for the inspiration your lovely pictures gave me to experiment a bit more.

Thanks, beautiful Vincent, for being so...beautiful.

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Thanks for your many good wishes for my Mitzi. She is sleeping by my side on the sofa, though she finds the collar really uncomfortable. Who wouldn't? Her eye looks very weepy, and I'm not convinced the stitches on the third eyelid have held. It's a tragedy for such a bright-eyed kitty to have one of her eyes dimmed like this. At least she has eaten most of the food I crushed her antibiotic tablet into.

At Last!

Finally Blogger has accepted a photo post, so here is an example of Frogger's work. For the rest, do go to and enjoy the sexiest man on the planet in his sexiest role.

For those who don't already know...

Frogger who posts at has done some new caps of Naked Tango.

I would have posted an example, but Blogger won't upload ANY pictures, and I haven't yet found out how to add new pictures on to Picasa!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Experimenting on Picasa

Well, Good Luck to Vincent and good luck to me - at least this (eventually) did what I wanted, unlike Photobucket and Flock. Posted by Picasa

Poor Mitzi

Blogger won't let me post a picture of my cute little Mitzi, so I'll have to add it later.

Mitzi is my little rescue cat who had such a hard early life, abandoned probably when she got pregnant. She took months to settle in, and remains a very nervous little cat.

On Saturday evening I noticed she had a problem with her right eye, but she wouldn't let me bathe it or get a close look.

First thing this morning I took her to the vet's. He said she had a bad ulcer on the cornea, and it would need to be abraded, then the third eyelid sewn across it, and the outer eyelids sewn shut across that.

My poor, sweet little girl, sporting an Elizabethan collar to stop her pulling out the stitches, is very distressed. She is slinking low along the ground, so the collar keeps getting caught on the carpet. She hasn't got the hang of it at all yet.

At least I have practice at keeping her indoors - she had to be in for six months when I got her, because after the first month she went out and disappeared. Two streets'-worth of neighbours helped me find her and retrap her, and she didn't go outside again till I was confident she knew this was home.

This one's for JoJo

A troll calling herself Caligirl - though I think she must mean "Callgirl" as her level of meaningful debate is about what you would expect from a drugged-up street whore - insulted my good cyber friend and fellow VDO lover JoJo with a comment about the "peanut gallery".

I am always pleased when my blog-friends take part in friendly and amusing exchanges in the comments section of the blog, but this ill-brought-up "person" (I use the term loosely) thinks she has the right to exclude MY friends on MY blog.

I am going to ignore these sad individuals in the hope they go away to a place where they will feel more at home, but if they continue to insult my friends I will go to comment moderation mode. Hope you'll all stick with me and sorry for any inconvenience. Meanwhile, though this post should have more photos if Blogger were not getting lost in Orange, I offer JoJo this recompense for coming here to be insulted - I know she could go to much nicer places for that!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Following My Conscience

Apparently some people think that following my conscience will lead me to stop posting pictures of the gorgeous Vincent with nothing on. Sadly for them, the opposite is true. It tells me to keep admiring the lovely man and sharing my admiration with fellow fans.

I remember one of my fellow bloggers saying that Vincent wouldn't do full frontal because he wouldn't like his children to see that. My interpretation is that he may therefore not mind them seeing other nude scenes he's done. After all, his daughter was already born when he made Guy. I agree with those who say the only film he has any reason to be ashamed of is The First Turn On, which is seriously awful.

Thanks to DNY for the pictures and to the REAL VDO fans who will enjoy this post with me.

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