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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Not baby gorilla pictures

There is a new baby gorilla at the zoo, but I wasn't able to get a picture.

So here are some lovely tiger pictures to compensate:

 photo DSC00327_zps1949d5b6.jpg
Mum Melati has a stretch

 photo DSC00354_zps8f3c8561.jpg
Look, mum, I can do it too!

 photo DSC00358_zps6506fd7d.jpg
Huh! See what I can do with my claws and a tree.

 photo DSC00366_zps6949433a.jpg
Well, at least I don't mind getting my feet wet.

 photo DSC00363_zpse66da708.jpg
I go strolling with my long as there's this glass screen between us!

 photo DSC00364_zpsda942c33.jpg
I found a chew toy. No idea what's in it...

 photo DSC00324_zpsb062e213.jpg
And I found a sunny spot. Clever cub.

 photo DSC00372_zpsee65f20c.jpg
Time for mum to take a nap using us cubs as a pillow - though number 3 is still up the tree!

 photo DSC00371_zps570722fb.jpg


So photogenic. So hunky.

 photo Stray153.jpg

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