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Saturday, September 29, 2007


I AM on the internet. I just limited my Google search to UK pages only and came across this review for an opera I was in several years ago.
And before you ask, I am NOT in any of the pictures.

My album for Grow...

...didn't. This bulk uploader on Photobucket mixes up the numerical order, and this evening it posted in the wrong album (OK that might have been me) then disappeared a carefully chosen selection into cyberspace. As for the FTP option (don't ask, I don't know), it doesn't seem to want to accept my pictures from this computer WHICH IS NOT WHAT THEY TOLD ME WHEN I SIGNED UP FOR PRO! Luckily I'm not actually paying for the first year, which gives a whole new meaning to turning pro.

Anyway, here are some of the first 100 of the 375 pictures I captured from the episode where SWMNBN almost seemed human.

And just in case you aren't tired of his hands yet (as if!)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Hand Bearing Gift

You won't get to the post detailing my trials and tribulations till after you've read this. Anyway, here's the post I spent a whole afternoon battling to craft. It had better be worth it!

Season 7 Promo Stills

I finally managed to finish the phone interview on Entertainment News International, and I noticed they had the pictures at the end that had been on TheReel with instructions not to post elsewhere. So with thanks to ENI, who did not put any such embargo on them - here they are for those who have yet to see them.

Emergency - Call the Technomedics!

So there I was, happily editing the commercials out of the first three Season 5 Goren/Eames episodes so that I could copy them on to DVD then cap them for the blog. All done, I tried to select them for transfer, but Episode 5 kept saying that it was protected. Well, I hadn't protected it. After much fiddling, I phoned the manufacturer's helpline. 18 minutes (that's £9) later, much of the time on hold, I persuaded the girl on the other end of the line to phone me back when she found an answer.

Well, apparently they can send out a signal that allows you to record something but not copy it, and this must be what had happened. She said it's rare. Well that helps (not).

As I have a TV/video of the same make, on which I had slightly obsessively also recorded the show, I asked why I had never been able to record from my videos on to the hard disc drive of my dvd recorder, especially as I now have a scart plug which should give it output ability. Apparently not. No output facility in the appliance. Thanks.

Back-up plan would have been to try and transfer the episode from my Sky+ box on to the HDD recorder, but I'd stupidly deleted it by accident instead of the programme I'd been aiming for.

Last resort - dig out my old video recorder, attach it to another TV and experiment to find which channel on the HDD it would record on, if any.

At last! Success! I'm sitting here while it plays and records, then I'll edit it and whack episodes 1, 3 and 5 on to a DVD, after which I hope to bring you - the beauty of the Goren hand with a large ball bearing held out on it. Took my breath away, and I've been dreaming of posting it since last night. That must be why everything decided to go wrong. NEVER make plans!

In the midst of all this I made a slightly hysterical phone call to Eliza's voicemail begging for a copy. If the quality of the recording is the way it looks on this portable TV I'll need it!

**Stop Press** The first time was successful, except only the sound recorded! The scart lead wasn't porperly connected...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's a Privilege, Mr D'Onofrio

To watch you over and over again and wonder at your talents and your gorgeousness. Thank you for sharing the wonders of YOU with US.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Goodbye Freedom, Hello DOSH

I decided to take the maternity cover job, so I'm feeling a bit cross-eyed with fatigue after 3 days' work in a row following 9 weeks' idleness. All those little jobs that I meant to do last summer but didn't get around to - will have to wait till next summer!

By then I will be able to afford to hire a skip and have a professional clear up the house. YES!

Bobby Vincent

Two names that go so well together and separately.

You could have Vincent Price

or Gene Vincent
or even Bobby Vee
or Bobby Darin.

Alternatively you could take Bobby

or Vincent

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