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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Wedding Day

My neighbours Christine and Michael had a multi-cultural sort of wedding today. I was not at the service (a civil ceremony), just the reception. Though the traditions of the conduct of the wedding - dresses, bridesmaids, speeches, cake - were what westerners have come to expect, there was also a big chunk of Turkish tradition in there too.

These are the two smallest bridesmaids in their lilac dresses and feathery stoles. The one on the right is the couple's youngest daughter. They are taking part in the bridal procession into the hall where the reception was.

The bride and groom followed this piper. His instrument, whatever it was, sounded like a snake-charmer's flute.

Blogger has loaded the photos out of order (there's a novelty!) but it's an improvement on Photobucket, which wouldn't let me get to them at all. Here are the bride and groom. The little boy is not theirs.

Michael is Black British/Afro-Cribbean. Chris is Turkish Cypriot. They have been together for 22 years and are in their early 40s. Great time to wed.

This is the drummer who accompanied the pipe player.

Chris's dress was gorgeous. I didn't catch her with a very good expression on her face, though. She is a very beautiful woman with a fabulous figure.

Cutting the cake.

The first dance.

The couple's son and elder daughter join the fun.

After yesterday's zoo trip I was too worn out to stay to the end, so I didn't get to pin money on the bride. I left it for another neighbour to do on my behalf. The wedding planner had been trying to persuade him to plan a civil partnership with his boyfriend, but he's just not the marrying kind.

Shame. I could do with another wedding when I'm feeling less tired.


Still no luck with Botophucket. I've threatened them with a complaint to PayPal. Let's see if they can be bothered now.

Meanwhile, back in the pleasant side of VDOland, we are having a rare treat - screenings of Want, which we rarely see, because Hallmark shows LOCI at too early a time.

Last night they showed it on Hallmark at 11pm. Tonight we have it on Channel 5 at 11.10pm.

And UK Vixens beware. I did not notice that Hallmark has been showing TWO episodes a evening, at 11pm and midnight, since starting Season 4 on Thursday. I didn't notice. Luckily, my Sky+ box did, and recorded both for me.

Now, with the help of my plug-in hard drive, I bring you the miracle of Want, Bobby at his best, with his Wellesian hair.

Oh dear, thanks to PeeBucket, I've taken far too long to do this post. I have a wedding to go to and I haven't even showered yet. See y'all tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Subscribe to Photobucket...

...and lose your album.

I got an email from Botophucket today offering a special price if I paid my next year's subscription now. I did. Then I went and tried to make a slideshow. Wouldn't save. I tried to return to the album - wouldn't work.

So I'm reduced to what is on this computer, which is very little. But quality.

This picture just makes me long to be held tightly against his manly chest. It lives beside my bed.

Thanks to those whose pictures these are. You are much loved. Though not as much as Vincent, obviously.

Look what I brought home from the zoo

I took my class to London Zoo today and swapped them for this bunch of weirdoes.

I did warn them they might get incuded in the exhibits if they didn't behave.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Simon's Cat

Our dear Wendy/Portia introduced me to the Simon's Cat cartoons on YouTube, and she just posted this new one on her blog. I think it's the best yet, and absolutely typical cat.

I showed it to my class today, and they were laughing like mad. Hope you do too.

Hot Cholo

Could a man look sexier than Vincent in this role?

But look at how thin he was - his lovely, sinewy, muscular neck was only a thin, elegant stalk back then.

Who could deny he's as sexy as ever? Big Vincent is the man in whose arms I would love to be enfolded. Slim Vincent is the one I'd love to tango with. Naked, of course. For both.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An album I didn't even know I had!

Hey, folks, how about this? I always ignore the little blurb on the "SuccessfulPost" page of my blog, but today I actually read it, and followed the link to my Picasa web album that has apparently automatically been saved. Or is it the one I uploaded myself a few computers ago?

Anyway, go and enjoy the treat.

The real meaning of Consumed...

...I want to eat him up!

An Italian lady commenting under the name of Morgana on my recent post "Such a face" has asked if anyone can help her find copies of Household Saints and The Winner in a format she can play. She first attracted my attention with a comment about Pelham on my YouTube account, and I have since mailed her a copy of that. I'm just a bit worried that the post was too long ago for people to read her request and answer it, so feel free to make your suggestions here, and I will pass them on.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Look what's for sale on Ebay

A BTSOH. (Sorry the picture is so small, they won't let you save them on the site itself.

Julio, the seller "Hollywoodinsider", has been having to let things go quite cheaply recently, probably because people aren't buying such luxuries. So you might manage to get it for less than $30 if you are lucky.

It's here:

Slimey Doctor Lindgard

Actually, he's not in here, just his clever adversary.

Claire Bloom

This is Claire Bloom in her younger days, far too beautiful to have been married to Rod Steiger in her 20s and 30s.

Four years ago, aged 73, she turned up in Unrequited looking awful as mutton dressed as lamb.

Now 77, she made an appearance in New Tricks, a UK crime show in which three retired police officers try to solve old cases. Slimmer than four years ago, I think she looks absolutely stunning. So much so that at first I didn't recognise her. I think she looks stunning.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I DO give a fig

Strange episode. Gorgeous Bobby.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Chubbybunny has posted lots of these at Flickr:

Some people have all the luck.

Normal Service

It seems that some people have had problems viewing all the pictures in the Crooked Hearts slideshow. I've checked and Photobucket hasn't deleted anything (what's to delete, he doesn't even have sex on camera in this one!) so it should display OK. Please keep trying.

Good luck.

Oh, Mr Webster!

Please come and tweak my - er - grades.

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