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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hot Cholo

Could a man look sexier than Vincent in this role?

But look at how thin he was - his lovely, sinewy, muscular neck was only a thin, elegant stalk back then.

Who could deny he's as sexy as ever? Big Vincent is the man in whose arms I would love to be enfolded. Slim Vincent is the one I'd love to tango with. Naked, of course. For both.


SnarkAngel said...

Cholo was INCREDIBLY sexy! My only real criticism of this film is that we never got any Cholo nudity. LOL.

Drowsey Monkey said...

I gotta say, the young skinny vinny doesn't do it for me. Sorry val!

Anonymous said...

He's a BIG man, he needs to have meat on his bones - and here I am ;0)

The only disappointment in this movie was that he wasn't the one tango-ing naked.

silly for Vincent said...

You said it all Val!!
Too skinny..jusn't isn't him!!!You need something to grab,not skin and bones!!!
Nked danvcing in his arms...mmmmmmm...purrrrrrr...!!!!!!!

Music Wench said...

So young! He's just a baby here! Ah, such a lovely face, though. Those eyes do me in every time I look at them.

Eliza said...

Snarkangel & Di both said what I was thinking :-D

I saw a model today,in one of the many gift catalogues that fall through the door,of a tangoing couple..unfortuantely the man looked nothing like Cholo

jazzy said...

a drool worthy movie

JoJo said...

Oh god, Cholo..... "don't you ever get soft?" AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! WEll, there go my knickers.

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