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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Simon's Cat

Our dear Wendy/Portia introduced me to the Simon's Cat cartoons on YouTube, and she just posted this new one on her blog. I think it's the best yet, and absolutely typical cat.

I showed it to my class today, and they were laughing like mad. Hope you do too.


Music Wench said...

This could be any of my cats! LOL I had one that would sit in the chair with me, put all four paws on my leg and push like he was telling me to get off his chair! LOL

I also had one cat who - when my husband was away on a business trip - tried to wake me up early in the morning to feed him. My husband used to get up at the crack of dawn but I slept until nine or ten since I didn't have to be at work until noon. That creature started off bashing my face with his, doing that "I love you, feed me" routine. When I pulled the covers over my head, he stepped on my face and started trying to pull the blanket off. LOL

So much cattitude!

Eliza said...

That all seems awfully familiar...thank you :-)

When Heskey allows you to sit oh the sofa with her,you don't move again unless you have tto because as soon as you do she'll be in your spot.My old cat,Lukey,refined being a nuisance just a bit,and would suck on your ear until you got up and fed him..very strange sensation at 5 in the morning LOL

Drowsey Monkey said...

LOL! I've seen the one where he's sleeping, but not that one. OMG that is my cat Emmy and Moses mixed into one! LOL I even did a post about moses moving me out of "her" spot on the couch!!!

Thanks for that .. I must go watch them all now.

fenwayspal said...

i saw this, yesterday, and i couldn't help laughing outloud, 'cause my DOG does alot of the same things.
and then i thought of tess and her managerie and their antics...
it's a hilarious video!

Tess said...

It's Sunny...No, wait...It's Emily, no it's Alex...Um...Gillian. It's all of my kids!

Thanks Val, it's been a long time since I've laughed that much :)

SnarkAngel said...

Hilarious and adorable ... a treat for those of us long-time cat lovers ...

Claire said...

That's Tiger and Jiggs, too! LOL!

kris said...

omgosh that was too cute, ihad to watch all of them!

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