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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Wedding Day

My neighbours Christine and Michael had a multi-cultural sort of wedding today. I was not at the service (a civil ceremony), just the reception. Though the traditions of the conduct of the wedding - dresses, bridesmaids, speeches, cake - were what westerners have come to expect, there was also a big chunk of Turkish tradition in there too.

These are the two smallest bridesmaids in their lilac dresses and feathery stoles. The one on the right is the couple's youngest daughter. They are taking part in the bridal procession into the hall where the reception was.

The bride and groom followed this piper. His instrument, whatever it was, sounded like a snake-charmer's flute.

Blogger has loaded the photos out of order (there's a novelty!) but it's an improvement on Photobucket, which wouldn't let me get to them at all. Here are the bride and groom. The little boy is not theirs.

Michael is Black British/Afro-Cribbean. Chris is Turkish Cypriot. They have been together for 22 years and are in their early 40s. Great time to wed.

This is the drummer who accompanied the pipe player.

Chris's dress was gorgeous. I didn't catch her with a very good expression on her face, though. She is a very beautiful woman with a fabulous figure.

Cutting the cake.

The first dance.

The couple's son and elder daughter join the fun.

After yesterday's zoo trip I was too worn out to stay to the end, so I didn't get to pin money on the bride. I left it for another neighbour to do on my behalf. The wedding planner had been trying to persuade him to plan a civil partnership with his boyfriend, but he's just not the marrying kind.

Shame. I could do with another wedding when I'm feeling less tired.


Music Wench said...

Looks like it was a lovely wedding. Thanks for sharing the photos. They're a lovely couple!

SnarkAngel said...

There's always something uplifting and fun about weddings. Glad you got to be a part of the festivities!

Claire said...

Everyone looks so lovely. Those tiny bridesmaids are adorable!

judith said...

echo all the other posts. it looks like a good time was had by all.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I seem to be entering that phase in life when the weddings are done and funerals are the order of the day!

Sorry you were so tired, but at least you made it there.

fenwayspal said...

no pix of you at the wedding?

in this time of such crappy stuff going on in the world, it's nice to have something to celebrate, to be positive about, right?

Anonymous said...

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JoJo said...

Very cool wedding. THe dress looked like it was covered w/ beads. Was it? What made them decide to get married after all these years?

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