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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Look what's for sale on Ebay

A BTSOH. (Sorry the picture is so small, they won't let you save them on the site itself.

Julio, the seller "Hollywoodinsider", has been having to let things go quite cheaply recently, probably because people aren't buying such luxuries. So you might manage to get it for less than $30 if you are lucky.

It's here:


SnarkAngel said...

I just wish they didn't have to launder these items before putting them up for sale . . . heh-heh.

JanetOOO said...

Val, you are so right. I got this seller's last
BTSOH for under $35. I was over the moon.
A MUST have piece for any collection!

Claire said...

Just how many BTSOHs are there anyway?

jersey said...

I wish they sold "Eau de Vincent" with it - I'd spray that on the BTSOH every night before I go to bed! It would be so easy to dream of Vincent!

Eliza said...

I wonder how many of them there are too...but I don't really care,I still have an ambition to own one..although I'm not sure why :p

Anonymous said...

I do worry how many BTSOH are appearing on Ebay - this must be about the 10th one... There was a strange sweater on there a couple of weeks ago too, disappeared in about a day, but I swear it was nothing Bobby had ever worn!

JoJo said...

Well I am happy w/ my one black "wife beater of hotness" so I'll let another fan play thru on TBTSOH.

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