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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Men In Black

I didn't cap much of this. Vincent is clever and fun, but not exactly handsome, and time is short with so many films to cap. I will cap the rest some day, though.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Feeling Minnesota

I've not finished capping this yet, but it's time to post.

I love how the blue suit is just a bit tight to make him look overweight. After all, there's no other way it would be believable that Keanu Reeves would be able to get anywhere near whipping his ass.

Go on, Sam, bite the bastard's ear right off!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Give me a break!

This morning, I was sure that school would be closed. The kids are largely bussed in, and last year the local council's school buses were not able to operate when we had a cold, snowy snap. They pick up kids from the small back streets, so even if they can get the buses out of the depot and on to the main roads, they can't do their job.

As my street was a sheet of solid ice, I was hoping that this was so. I was dreading having to get to the main road along a skating rink.

But alas, the council's website showed the school as being open. Only when I got there did I discover that, not only had the school buses been cancelled - so had the service buses that pass the school, as yesterday they had been sliding everywhere and blocking the road. Other schools served by this bus route had been closed for the day.

In the end, about 18 kids from primary and secondary combined made it in. There were several staff members for each kid. I spent the whole day on tenterhooks wondering what conditions would be like on the way home.

We got to go home an hour early, and a few rays of sun had made some of the ice slushy, so until I got to my street things were tolerable. And I only had to drive past my house twice before one of the park-and-ride invaders drove off!

Tomorrow I just have to walk along iced-up pavements to the hospital for my physio appointment. One of two things will happen. Either I'll fall over and do myself more damage than the buggered-up shoulder I acquired in an earlier fall, the very problem for which I am being treated; or the physio won't have been able to get in.

Meanwhile, I have received an unpleasant surprise. Apparently, it is three years since I had my last mammogram. I could have sworn it was only one, or at most two. But no, the reminder arrived, and on Feb 1st I have to go and have my tits compressed. As they are SOOOO huge, it takes at least three squeezes per breast to get the pictures, that is 50-100% more than normal women.

Of the 30lbs or so I have lost, about half-an-ounce has come off my bosoms. Life is so unfair.

Good Luck

My absolute fave rave VDO movie. He's hunky, he's funny, and he doesn't die.

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