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Saturday, May 27, 2006


There are only so visitors many per year that English Heritage is permitted to allow actually inside Stonehenge. Most of those are taken up by the so-called "Druids" that regard it as their holy place, even though it predates them by millennia and is probably not a giant calendar to mark the summer solstice like they think.

I was lucky enough to go on a trip to the stones in the summer of 2004. The weather was appalling all day, and we all soaked our way round Salisbury and Old Sarum. First we went round Stonehenge as ordinary visitors, and it continued to pour down. Then it closed and we left to encourage the ordinary visitors to go. As our time approached, the skies cleared and the sun came beaming out. It was magical.

Bobby's Hands

I could look at them forever. I can imagine what they feel like doing all sorts of things.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Wrong Man

Whenever I watch this episode, I wish it was Bobby standing there baring his (nearly) all - even in Speedos.

Especially in Speedos.

Anyone got a towel?

After all that hot sex with my big boyfriend Louis, I really needed a shower.

I managed it

I finally managed to watch The Subway last night for the first time since it came out. God, how gruelling.
Why does he always have to die?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Head and Shoulders

I love it when he dwarfs everyone else in a scene.

A Vertical Ascent

Not very easy to see, but on the hillside behind these buildings on the North York Moors, there is a road which is going up what is apparently the steepest hill in England.

In the early 1980s on my grail quest in the south of France I acquired a fear of driving up hills, when the driver of the car I was in couldn't get the car down into first gear going up a mountain road, on account of his artificial left hand. We were rolling backwards down the mountainside till his wiffe managed to whack the gearstick in.

The BBC wanted people with driving problems for a TV programme and I volunteered. They took me to Rosedale Chimney Bank (the hill in the picture) in the village of Rosedale Abbey, gave me some hypnotherapy type of treatment, and set me loose on the hillside road. Repeatedly. On camera. Round tight bends. Forwards and in reverse.

They never used the footage, but I've been much better since, and I know what a Dolly Grip is.

For this TV-show-that-never-was, the state-funded BBC paid for hotel rooms for me, the therapist, the producer, the gofer, the sound man, the cameraman and the guy to put the fixed camera in the car. They hired two cars, paid all these people, and paid train and cab fare home to London for me and the therapist.

It was a hell of an experience though.

I now drive an automatic. It was the cure all the time.

Hey, hey - me, me, me, me, me!

I love this picture. Seeing those long legs astride the bench, those terrific hands dangling down, those long, long legs, that huge body, that perfect profile. He's looking at her AND SHE'S NOT LOOKING AT HIM!


To Boldly Go

What's that thing pointing in my direction?
I'd better take a closer look.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Snow Leopard

I love these cats. They have the most amazing tails. Like Vincent's hands, really.

I'd rather they were in the wild, but we can't afford to lose them from the planet, so I guess we have to put up with breeding programmes in wild animal parks so as to assure the future of the species.

This one was at Port Lympne in Kent, England. It's a great place as animal parks go. It was funded by a casino owner, the late John Aspinall, along with another one in the same county, Howlett's. There's also a part of the foundation which sets up schemes to release big cats, gorillas and other endangered creatures back into the wild. Nice to know the money lost by mugs goes to a good cause.

A Winning Oscar

This adorable little British Blue boy is Oscar.
A couple or years ago I was visiting a student who was on work experience at a vet's. One of the clients had some kittens, and I had a colleague who wanted a British Blue. A match made in heaven.

Let's play charades

Four words. Second word.
Easy! Love.
The full answer is, "I love Vincent D'Onofrio."

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Eyebrows Have It

Has anyone noticed that, on top of everything else, Vincent has perfect eyebrows?

Adventures in Bodybuilding

Did Vincent really build himself up like this for this movie?

I guess if he put on 70lbs for FMJ it must be so.

I'm just glad he didn't keep either physique. I like him slim, I like him big but a little out of shape, but musclebound or obese I can only tolerate because it's Vincent. I wouldn't even look at another man who was either of those things.

An elephant remembers

I saw this elephant at London Zoo reach over with her trunk and repeatedly bolt and unbolt the gate of which you can just see the post on the left.
They no longer keep elephants there since one stomped a keeper's head. They were moved to the expanses of their country arm, Whipsnade Wild Animal Park.

Oh dear

Well, The Subway just arrived, and now I don't know if I can watch it. It choked me up when it first aired when it was new, and I didn't even know who the actor playing the victim was. It just might be too much.

Cats on a hot tin...radiator

For Kissing Vincent.

Beano and Dandy were always in trouble for climbing up the bird cage like a ladder - it's just out of shot on the left - so they found an innovative way to creep closer.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Cold, hard and sexy

If Mr Blue didn't get his message over with this look I'd be amazed. Unfortunately, for me, the message warps into, "I'm the most desirable man on earth. Let me take you." I think I might have died on that train. Of ecstacy?

Polly want a cuppa?

I really fancy a drop of tea. If I can just get the lid off this teapot...
Ah, there. It may be heavier than me but they don't call me Superbird for nothing.

When Beano and Dandy were kittens, they got in the most unlikely places, and often fell asleep there, like on this whatnot.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Help! I just turned this photo into wallpaper and now I just can't turn off my computer.

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