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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hold Me (Please)

I've completed the movie for the rest of Season 3 using another favourite and very apt Beatles song.


Friday, March 05, 2010

Set On You

This has taken me hours. In fact from the initial planning it's taken me weeks.

It all started when they played trailers for The Mentalist. I don't watch it. But the trailer had a George Harrison track playing - one that I didn't have. I thought I had them all, so I believed I was mad - it couldn't be him.

Anyway, I found it on an album I didn't have and ordered it through Amazon. That was on February 17th.

On February 22nd (a whole five days later) they emailed me to say they had sent it out. That delay really pissed me off. The name of the company was Moviemars USA, so I assumed it was coming from the US. The guy I buy my Goren gear from gets things to me from California in as little as five days. This one went to the wire, and the cd arrived today. With a UK postage label. And a sticker on the cellophane wrapper that said it was for sale only in S. America except Brazil.

Ironically, the blurb with the album includes saying he had this number going through his head for ages, too, and that's why he decided to include it on the album.

Anyway, I have now spent so long choosing pictures that I can't finish my project as I'd intended, with pictures from every Season 3 episode. I've gone for picture sequences that show the nuanced expressions the handsome Mr D'Onofrio makes, and I think I can assure you a fabulous face-fest.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


The things men will do to save themselves some of the divorce settlement.

The things women will do to get back at them.

I'll stay single.

Eames catches Bobby's "lean".

Goren sucks his finger right down to the knuckle.

A hand in the pocket answers so many prayers.

Bobby tries the wall on for size, but it's too small.

I bet that guy thought he had a broad back till he met Bobby.

The phone call excites Goren so much, he crushes the phone between his shoulder and his ear.

Eames is surprised when Goren suggests she try on a few dresses.

The girl on the sex line puts a smile on to Bobby's face.

Bobby checks the vintage - "Appell-ash-on controlee".

And dip, and stretch, and...

The usual reaction to being dumped by Mr Wonderful.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Excellent episode, even in spite of the slimey doctor and his "oral pleasure".

Det. Goren - available in new shiny finish.

Det. Goren loses the game of Tiddlywinks on a technicality.

Bobby gives himself a knuckle sandwich.

Eames: "I only said Boo, Bobby, don't look so surprised."

No wonder the notary woman owned up. I'd admit to anything.

Marcus Welby M.D.

Bobby poses with his tiny upside down counterpart.

He looks for him unsuccessfully inside the car.

Smiling Bobby, Hidden Dragon.

Look at the length of that...everything!

Bobby can't resist a snack.

Too late he finds out it is too hot.

There's nowhere to spit it out.

Being a brave boy, he tries to pretend there's nothing wrong.

Still feeling peckish, he gets ready to bite the doctor's nose off.

Strange but True

Apparently the earthquake off Chile, like the one that caused the Asian tsunami, being a subduction quake, changes the size of the planet and reduces the length of the day.

Well I never. I'll never notice either. The amount is infinitesimally small, so don't expect the 24 hours of a day to seem much shorter any time soon.

(NB. A subduction quake for those not unfortunate enough to have had to learn about them in order to teach a bit of Geography, is where one tectonic plate pushes under another, as opposed to scraping alonside each other like in Haiti.)

Going, Going


Michael Foot, longtime Labour MP and sometime leader of the Labour Party, has died aged 96. He was a man of principle. I was proud to be a member of the Labour Party under his leadership, not least because he was a supporter of CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) who took part in the Aldermaston Marches against the nuclear bomb in the 1950s and 1960s. When, after him, the party ditched its policy of unilateral nuclear disarmament, I left the party. It was particularly galling, because I had supported the selection of the local candidate, who became our MP, Joan Ruddock, who was previously Chair of CND. She quickly became a traitor, and is a useless MP to boot.

Michael was well-known for wearing a donkey jacket, even to things like the November 11th ceremony at the Cenotaph. He hobbled along with a walking stick and looked very frail.

He was one of the last true statesmen left in UK political life.

Pictured at the time of his leadership of the Labour Party.

In his extreme old age.
Still there.
We still have the wonderful Denis Healey, one of the finest Chancellors of the Exchequer of recent times. He was defeated by Foot in the leadership battle for the party in 1980. On reflection, he would probably have been more successful as leader, and may have led the party to a victory sooner than the 18 years they had to wait. He still has a witty and often acid turn of phrase, and is very knowledgable about music. He is just 4 years younger than Foot.

Denis as we remember him with his eyebrows.

Denis in his more mature years.

I'm trying to imagine David Cameron as a statesman, but the image just won't form.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fico Di Capo

Bobby's very clever and very gorgeous in this one. Well, that's unusual, isn't it!

I, er, went way over 500 pictures in this recap.

Bobby tries to get a buzz from sniffing the wine.

That pastry cook is about to get a surprise...

Lovers' tiff?

Gratuitous groin shot.

Big Back shot.

Bobby's vein. (OK, lousy pun)

That delicate finger could pull my wire.

Bobby offers his neck for a big sloppy kiss.

Manhandled by The Man. Lucky beggar.

Bobby tries to stifle a sneeze.

I wish I enjoyed my job this much.

Damn! Manhandled by The Man again!

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