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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Excellent episode, even in spite of the slimey doctor and his "oral pleasure".

Det. Goren - available in new shiny finish.

Det. Goren loses the game of Tiddlywinks on a technicality.

Bobby gives himself a knuckle sandwich.

Eames: "I only said Boo, Bobby, don't look so surprised."

No wonder the notary woman owned up. I'd admit to anything.

Marcus Welby M.D.

Bobby poses with his tiny upside down counterpart.

He looks for him unsuccessfully inside the car.

Smiling Bobby, Hidden Dragon.

Look at the length of that...everything!

Bobby can't resist a snack.

Too late he finds out it is too hot.

There's nowhere to spit it out.

Being a brave boy, he tries to pretend there's nothing wrong.

Still feeling peckish, he gets ready to bite the doctor's nose off.


bobbybegood1 said...

I loved that ep. But, unlike Bobby, I would have never sat my tush down to put anything in my mouth. Just too eerie. Maybe it's the way the creepy ass doctor creeped me out. Cheers Val!!

sixtwosue said...

Strange to see a lefty eating with his right hand.*

*You can tell I've been ill lately if this is what I'm noticing about this beautiful man.

JoJo said...

Oh that last photo is ADORABLE!!!!!!! And you just HAD to use the 'oral pleasure' line didn't you! hahahaha That is the line that bums me out the most whenever this is on. I had SUCH a crush on Kevin Tighe in the 70's, but the image I get in my head when he says 'oral pleasure', well, it's just wrong. LOL! :D

Eliza said...

Smiling Bobby, Hidden Dragon...:-D :-D :-D

potzina said...

Oh my dear! That's so funny! I've a big smile on my face! :o)
Bravo Val!!

Diane said...

That steak looks like with one bound, it could be chewing grass in the corner of a field - blurgh!! However, the person eating it is D'elicious :0)

mauigirl said...

Great caps and captions, great episode.
'Oral pleasure', ewwww, props to Kevin Tighe for playing such a smarmy character and getting that line out so creepily.
Hidden Dragon, come out and play!

SnarkAngel said...

That smarmy doctor was so smarmy I almost had to change the channel! LOL. Thank goodness Bobby was there to keep me watching. He was so adorable in this eppy, and like everyone else, "Smiling Bobby, Hidden Dragon" is a winner, as is that last cap. Of course, when he's crouching down, all I can think of is "Crouching Bobby, Hidden Python." LOL

Music Wench said...

I love this episode! Especially Bobby in the restaurant eating that smug doctor's steak!!! lol

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