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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Break-Up

I finally bought this the other week - for just £2.99. I scene-jumped to get Vincent's scenes, but I haven't seen it since it was in the cinema, so I think I missed one.

He seems to be having a good time.

I'll try to concentrate on the food.

Hey, thumbs up - it's delicious.

I'm feeling frisky - how about a bit of bondage?

I'm glad there's a generous cloth on this table.

Ooh, that feels good!

You know that is only just "stuff" in my pocket.

A long jacket can hide a multitude of, er, sins.

Ah! Give me some warning before you do that!

If I look satisfied, there's a good reason for that.

In my ear is NOT where I need this hankie, but it's all I can do in public.



Friday, April 17, 2009

It's arrived!

And to prove it - it's here!

Season 3 arrived today. I haven't had a chance to start capping yet, but I just took a look at the menu page:


Cat Visiting Day

Today I went to my friend Julie's house for lunch. She produced a fabulous meal (not like the prepared meals I always serve). Then it was time to be entertained by the cats.

Julie has two Bengals:

and Tabitha

Tabitha is a brown spotted

Xerxes is a blotched snow leopard
Xerxes just won his first major trophy; though he's had rosettes galore, this is his first cup.

Aren't Our Police Wonderful? (Part 3)

And our pathologists, too.

It appears that the first post mortem on Ian Tomlinson (above) who died after the G20 summit, having been assaulted by a police officer, was wrong. He did NOT die of a heart attack, but of internal bleeding in the abdomen.

They have not yet established the cause of the bleed, but the officer who assaulted him has been questioned on suspicion of manslaughter.

False-Hearted Judges

I saw some goji berries in a shop and, after seeing this, decided to try some.

They were absolute muck!

Meanwhile, this file is TINY and barely reaches 200 pictures.

Oh well, I bet you can guess what's coming.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Third Man

I heard on the radio this morning that The Third Man is 60 years old.

Just in case
anyone reading this has never seen Vincent's great performance as Orson Welles finding inspiration during the final minutes before the filming of the Cuckoo Clock scene, it's here:

I was going to post a few pictures as well, but I've misplaced my album, and when I went to use some of Eliza's they wouldn't load. So we'll have to make do with these shots of Vincent at the Venice Film Festival where it was shown in 2005.

(Pictures found on TheReel uncredited.)

Choose your headline

Grandson of Sigmund Freud Dies.
Brother of Lucian Freud Dies.

Outside the UK, most people would not know what I was talking about if my headline said Sir Clement Freud Dies. But in the UK, most people over a certain age will know him well.
I first remember him as a celebrity chef, chopping things like cucumber so fast and so thin that I was surprised he had any fingers left. He was also well known for advertising dog food with his lugubrious (like the owner) bloodhound Henry. Then he was elected to Parliament as a Liberal MP. For at least 40 years he has been a regular contestant on the BBC radio comedy quiz programme "Just A Minute".
Before he was well known in Britain, he had fled with his parents from Nazi Berlin, fought in World War II, was an aide to Field Marshal Montgomery, and worked at the Nuremberg Trials.
Bobby may like his brother's paintings, but in the UK more people would know of Clement than have heard of Lucian, and I bet most would prefer his comic wit to his brother's art. Apparently they don't even get on.
I think I'll side with the polymath Clement.

My Good Name

This is another album that's in a mess. I appear to have uploaded it in two halves, and even then there are fewer than the requisite 301 pictures. I already allowed for that by including one of the last pictures in the album, but I still need to make atonement for my shortcomings.

So here is my atonement:

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