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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wildlife Heritage Foundation

Thursday was the first of four open days at the Big Cat Sanctuary. When I arrived there were already thousands of cars parked on an immense site of several acres. After parking, I walked towards the entrance, only to hear the mad shouting of my name as my friends arrived independently just nearby.

 It was a very hot day, so the chances of seeing cats was increased. And we were not disappointed. The spotty male jaguar was in total relax mode.

 photo IMG_0416_zpsuemqsght.jpg

The black female jaguar, Athena, only appeared for food, and was in a very grumpy mood. She is NOT yawning.

 photo DSC00702_zps9taqgxmn.jpg

I don't think the male snow leopared, Yarko, took kindly to being confused with his mate after their enclosures were swapped.

 photo DSC00706_zps0l3icrbt.jpg

The clouded leopard put in an appearance.

 photo DSC00708_zpsvwwudw0i.jpg

As he strode by, he displayed his coat patterns beautifully.

 photo DSC00709_zpsw2xyi2pl.jpg

Then he decided to pee for us. Or was it she?

 photo DSC00710_zpsgzit3sug.jpg

Star of the day, though, was the jungle cat, Jack. Looking just like a largish house cat, he posed and paced, apparently hoping for a little snack if he was on his best behaviour.

 photo IMG_0419_zpszfgxt6mw.jpg

 photo IMG_0420_zpstrc6f8xl.jpg

 photo IMG_0418_zpsqz1zjeov.jpg

The Red Sneakers

Rip-off of the classic Moira Shearer film The Red Shoes?

 photo RedSneakers19.jpg

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