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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Tug O' War

On Wednesday I was due for my latest nipple tattoo session at St Thomas', one of the country's most eminent hositals, home of the Florence Nightingale Museum.

Sadly, they don't seem able to put surgical tattooist appointments on to their system. I was not the only person there who had experience of making a long journey in vain.

 So I decided to take myself off to see the cubs. I knew I had four days of building work coming up, starting today, so my opportunities were slight if I didn't take this chance.

To begin with, they were a bit subdued, positioning themselves in a place where they thought there might be food coming up soon.

 photo DSC01180_zpsz8odv5gd.jpg

 photo DSC01176_zpsyrf3yfly.jpg

Mum Melati was also rather lethargic. Rumour is that she and JaeJae have been mating, and she might have become rather prematurely pregnant. Cubs are usually nearer two years than eight months when mum mates again.

 photo DSC01174_zpsrui9e6rl.jpg
The kind keepers had given the youngsters a length of sacking to play with. They seemed to find it the best toy ever, and there was a mighty battle for possession.

 photo DSC01182_zpstfrobycg.jpg

 photo DSC01183_zps8kx0eodx.jpg

 photo DSC01184_zpsmz661lfd.jpg

 photo DSC01187_zpspujcoea7.jpg

 photo DSC01189_zpswbwhjvf1.jpg

 photo DSC01191_zps4kibv7z5.jpg

 photo DSC01193_zps8mdnxb0b.jpg

 photo DSC01194_zpspdioqoax.jpg

 photo DSC01195_zpsockeioaf.jpg

 photo DSC01196_zpsivxlkok5.jpg

Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Thirteenth Floor

So talented, playing two completely different characters so convincingly.

 photo 13thFloor25.jpg

 photo 13thFloor67.jpg

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