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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Best Slideshow Ever...

...apart from all the others.

I really love how he looks in this scene, and he just looks especially huge. And he strides along. Then there are his hands. Sigh!

Friday, April 20, 2007


And who wouldn't like to be nailed by Bobby!

I love the way he dominates any scene. Only a fool would try to resist arrest.

Can I try, please?

Mr Clever and Mr Smug

No prizes for guessing which is which.

I love the way Bobby lulls people into a false sense of security by acting dumb.

Does anyone know what all the apparent smoke is outside the window?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Nightmare On My Street

OK, I admit it - I'm losing it.

Yesterday was one of my hospital tutor days, and I was setting out just after 9.30 to visit my first student. I was taking my holiday photos as I had promised to show them to his mum just before he was well enough to go back to school for a while. So there I was overladen with bags. I slammed shut the front door, then reached into my handbag for the keys to lock up. EEEEEK! No Handbag! I hadn't picked it up!

The neighbour who has my keys was visiting her daughter and wouldn't be back till that evening. The daughter's phone number was - erm - in the house. My best friend has keys. She lives 30 miles away and isn't very well at present. I had no phone, no car keys, no money.

Then I remembered I gave a set to a neighbour a few doors up NINE YEARS AGO when I had to go to the hospital and didn't know if they'd keep me in. I put them through the door with instructions for looking after the animals. I came home the same day, and the keys have never been needed since.

I knocked on the door. No-one came. I knocked harder. Same result. I tried the bell. Nada. I called through the letterbox. Silence. I rapped on the glass, louder and louder. Eventually the son came to the door. I told him the problem. He called his mother - who came down the stairs in a bath towel, hot from the bath. She searched everywhere, and the best she could come up with was a keyring with four keys on (I have only two) but the mortice looked a bit like mine, so I took them to try them out. Bingo! I retrieved my handbag, thanked my neighbour profusely, and went on my way.

I would have been on time, too, except for the traffic. In fact, I only travelled 8 miles in total yesterday, but the sum of the time spent in the car was over an hour. I'm going to suggest they barricade off Lewisham and put a sign up saying "Closed for roadworks" because there doesn't seem to be a single main road in the borough that doesn't have some.

Bobby Sucks!

I want to put a sweet in his mouth. I want those lovely fingers to put a sweet in my mouth.

The Battle To Save LOCI

Linda Stefaniak has sent me this link to the latest episode in the will they/won't they renew speculation.

She also posted this link to the NBC noticeboard.

Sadly, they are not coming out as links, and I don't know how to cure that, but I hope you find them informative.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Good News for UK Fans of Vincent D'Onofrio

See - I'm determined to get that mention in the (now rare) Google Alerts.

Film 4 is showing two VDO movies in the coming week.

Sunday night at 1.05am - Strange Days
Monday night at 12.45am - The Newton Boys

If you don't already have them on Region 2 DVD, here's your chance to record them for yourselves. Enjoy!

The Spoof Witness

Trust clever Bobby to see through the scam.

I love the way Alex looked at the captain when Bobby said who the witness was related to. I didn't capture that frame, though - well, it's not actually Bobby, is it?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This interview with the nanny was not worthy of Det. Gorgeous. They made him ask if it was trouble with a boyfriend that had been worrying Elizabeth Dawson. We all knew it was work problems, and it rankled that he supposed a mere woman could only be upset by a man. But of course it was all a ruse by the writers to have them look for the boyfriend who would turn up dead, without whom there was no plot!

Tuxedo Hill - at last!

Or - 10 good reasons for lying injured in a hospital bed.

Hey - this is good. Photobucket finally recognised my Blogger log-in and let me post direct. Still had to edit to insert these comments though.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Almost Tuxedo Hill

I didn't do a very good job of this one before - it was one of my first screencapping efforts. As Ann has expressed a desire to see some pictures from this episode, I've redone it.

Sadly, my computer and Photobucket won't let me post the new pictures, nor share the album with Ann. I've been fighting them both for over 4 hours and now it's bedtime. I'll have to have another go tomorrow.

Conker Canker Conquered?

Last summer our horse chestnut trees were hit by a double plague - something was destroying the roots, something else was burrowing into the leaves. (Notice the technical terms here). This is how they looked , brown-leaved and sad, and autumn still a couple of months away. Some of the huge proud trees that had stood for a century or more looked like they were in real trouble, and the drought was aggravating matters.

This is a photo, taken yesterday, of the beautiful horse chestnut tree growing in a garden a few doors down from me. It's looking magnificent, and I can only hope that the crisis has passed, at least fot those trees with just the leaf miner.

By the way, for those across the pond, the horse chestnut tree is called a conker tree, because the horse chestnuts are known as conkers and are used in a children's game, in which they thread them on strings and swing them against each other's conkers, trying to break them.

Can you see the beautiful pink cherry blossom behind the horse chestnut? Spring is definitely sprung.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hot Day - Cold Comfort

It's another very hot day (yesterday went up to about 25C, which is the upper 70s), and though these are from Cold Comfort, I think they are likely to make us feel even hotter :)

Good Luck Sunday

Good Luck really is one of my favourite Vincent D'Onofrio films. He is so cute and yummy, his acting is brilliant, and there's such a feel-good factor to it.

Post 701

I missed Post 700. For 701, here's somethingcompletely different (no, not Monty Python)

I've been a fan of Edna Everage since the 1970s, when she first appeared as Auntie Edna in the Barry Mackenzie films. Barry Humphries, who breathes life into Edna, wrote the Barry Mackenzie cartoon strip for the satirical magazine Private Eye.

The Dame Edna Treatment is her latest chat show over here, and last night she had on the stars of Little Britain, David Walliams and Matt Lucas. I don't know if this programme has travelled aborad, but certainly the early episodes were very funny. Lucas recently celebrated his civil partnership with his gay partner. Walliams swam the English Channel for charity.

Next on was Debbie Harry. She sang a duet with Edna. Ouch! Actually, Blondie looked less of a mover than Edna, and I wondered if she is suffering from arthritis.

Finally there was a public health information film featuring Humphries' other awful character, Sir Les Patterson. His stooge was former French footballer David Ginola, once famous for doing shampoo ads on TV. The topic was prostate examination, and Sir Les performed a rectal on a dummy. Then he wanted Ginola to do the same, but not on his dummy - he pulled back a curtain to reveal a VERY hairy behind, which I fear was real! Ginola refused. Thank God!

I did hear, probably back in the 70s, that Humphries went round a very posh street in London, back in the days when there were rubbish bins attached to most lampposts, and seeded them with various items. Then he returned as a tramp, rummaged through the bins, pulled out a complete chicken wrapped in foil and a bottle of champagne, and sat down on the kerb to have a feast.

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