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Saturday, September 20, 2008


No, not the kind they made a LOCI episode of.

Last night, just as I was about to turn out the bedroom light, I spotted one of these little fellahs on the edge of my mattress, near the pillow.

Of course, I didn't have my camera to hand, which is a shame, 'cos I got him in my bug catcher and was able to have a really good look at him. He was about an inch long, and his feelers were so incrdibly long and fine I was terrified I would damage him as I tried to release him out of the window. He clung on, and it's possible that by the time I'd shaken him lose he might have sustained some damage, which would break my heart, because, as you can see, these are very pretty creatures.

My bedroom is upstairs, so I have no idea how he got there, unless he hitched a ride on one of the cats. Or on me, of course. Oh, and by the way, he's a common green grasshopper.

Airport Antics

In Baggage we find:
The sexiest thumb on the planet.

Cute curls, and the hottest tongue in creation.

Thoughtful Bobby.

Appealing Bobby.

Hot Bobby - with those curls again.

The Goren Forearms of Lust.

Stubble and lashes.

A great profile with the sweet button nose.

Relaxed, playful Bobby.

Hello, Python!

Keith getting what we all want - Bobby whispering in his ear...

...and wagging that long, tapered finger at him.

They appeared together in Bark! so all I can say is:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Out of Con-Text

I need to see these shoulders in real life, to check out how broad they really are.

The most kissable lips in the world.

I love it when he does that thing with his jaw.

Double helpings (twice).

Look at those eyes!


The sexiest of all the "Goren Dips".

If that was me this close to him, he would have been kissed by now.

Wide-eyed and wonderful.

And in case you thought I'd forgotten - a special bonus:

Animal Magic

It was a beautiful sunny day today, so despite waking up late, I couldn't resist going to the zoo. I was very mean with the photography because you've already seen just about everything the place has to offer. But there was a baby Sulawesi Crested Macaque that wasn't born the last time I was there.

I thought the tiger was looking rather splendid with his big claws hooked into the wood.

Then he rolled over yawning (missed that shot) and opened his eyes just a crack.

They took away this male's old companion as they wanted to introduce a younger model with whom he could breed. Unfortunately they hate the sight of each other.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Going Bareback

When I watch this episode, I don't really enjoy it very much. But looking at the stills, I can see why I'm nevertheless very happy when I've finished watching it.

For a start, it's a very "handy" episode.

The shirtsleeves make another big appearance.

Well, the shades. They're what his ears were made for. (Apart from nibbling and licking by me.)

Bobby by torchlight. A maiden's dream. (Well I was a maiden once!)

I prefer the blue shirt, but hey, the white one's still got his body in it.

Where would you start licking/kissing if offered this delectable expanse of neck?

If you're looking for secret places to put those fingers, Bobby, I could suggest a few...

Perfect. Again.

Do you think he does it on purpose?

GOD look at those muscles!

I love those smile lines.

Even more perfect.

"These nipple caps were too small for Val. Any takers? I'll nibble them right off your body."

Perfect again, d'you think?

I'm sure he does this on purpose, too. BOBBY, YOU TEASE!

Another kind of Pilgrim

This is a good episode for shirtsleeves.

Size 13 alert!

Can I straighten out your shirt, please?

Have I ever said he's perfect?

Really perfect?

"Someone said it was only this big. Just ask the Vixens!"

Don't worry, Bobby, I'm here.

Don't look so shocked, you know you wanted it!

"The first person to climb my back gets a prize. Me."

"I've been overworking my tongue, it's really hot!" Yes, Bobby, in BOTH senses of the word!

"One hand...

...or two? See, THIS is more like the right size!"

I think I might have said he's perfect already somewhere :)

Butt shot!

Neck shot! With hands.

Poor, tired Bobby, let me relax you...

Oh, woof!

I want to be that ciggie.


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