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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another kind of Pilgrim

This is a good episode for shirtsleeves.

Size 13 alert!

Can I straighten out your shirt, please?

Have I ever said he's perfect?

Really perfect?

"Someone said it was only this big. Just ask the Vixens!"

Don't worry, Bobby, I'm here.

Don't look so shocked, you know you wanted it!

"The first person to climb my back gets a prize. Me."

"I've been overworking my tongue, it's really hot!" Yes, Bobby, in BOTH senses of the word!

"One hand...

...or two? See, THIS is more like the right size!"

I think I might have said he's perfect already somewhere :)

Butt shot!

Neck shot! With hands.

Poor, tired Bobby, let me relax you...

Oh, woof!

I want to be that ciggie.



judith said...

i think you might have said HE'S PERFECT before and he is.

JoJo said...

So I'm not you or do you not think he's perfect????? lol

jazzy said...

a man who is perfect is not perfect. but vincent is. (for me it makes sense i think)

you captions are great!

Music Wench said...

Ah, perfection indeed. Love those lips and especially that tongue! ;)

SnarkAngel said...

Another PERFECT series of caps ... I think I remember applauding when the sniper shot that nasty terrorist in the head after he tried to take a chunk out of Bobby's delicious arm!

Kimberly said...

I am getting a sneaking suspicion that you think he may be I wrong?
You are 100% correct...he his perfect to me as well!
Great caps!
Oh, and yes I did notice how huge he looks next to Eames in those camo outfits! THUD!!!

Anonymous said...

Bobby"s girl here _ see, I was peeking. I love this episode and my favorite part is where he in interrogating that cute young man and he takes off his tie. I'd just love to really be there when he takes off his tie and keeps on going! Val, 20,000 hits. Wow!

BASRIC said...

You had everything in these caps that could make a female sigh and drool and go into hear failure. Gotta love a man in uniform.

fuzzytweetie said...

All I can say is, "WOOF"!!!

Lozzie Cap said...

Oh wow. He's lovely.

Look how the uniform is TWENTY SIZES TOO BIG on poor little Kathryn Erbe :D

Anonymous said...

I think it needs pointing out that he's perfect....

Eliza said...

If I didn't think he was perfect already your 'subtle' hints might have helped :-)

I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing he carried on with the strip after he takes his tie off.

silly for Vincent said...

Bobby in blue shirt...RRRRRR..WOOF!!Bobby wave your huge hands closer to my body!!
O BOY,O BOY...Bobby in uniform,if I was next to him,that uniform would stay long on his body!!;)))

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