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Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Tip Top Favourite

So much to love in this episode. Was he ever more perfect?

"OK, my shirt's off. I choose YOU for a wrestling match."

"And one of you can suck my fingers."

Police line-up - I'll take the big one, please.

"This pipe may be even bigger than mine."

Bobby, you light my fire.

"Who'd like to kiss my neck - just here?"

"If I smile nicely, will someone share their cake with me?"

I don't know which is loveliest, his sympathetic look or his little curl.

His hair was so badly behaved in this episode.

"This is my best cynical look."

A subtle blend of sympathy and disgust. What an actor.

Bobby, your curl has escaped again. Can I catch it for you?

"I'm gonna getcha. You can see it in my face."


Goddessdster said...

Oh, the hair. His hair was so freaking all over the place the first couple of seasons! I do miss that little curl, though.

Anonymous said...

I really doubt that pipe is bigger than his.

fenwayspal said...

oh, that misbehaving hair...allow me to run my fingers through it and make it misbehave more!

SnarkAngel said...

Vincent + Me + Wrestling Ring = SEXTACY!

jazzy said...

can't help myself, each time when i read the word suck, my thoughts are going directly to bobby.

Lozzie Cap said...

Yes Jazzy - there are a variety of words that I immediately associate with him, including:

Pipe; suck; jacket; curl; wrestle; lashes; finger; face; smile; cake (cake??); lips .. oh I can't be bothered to write them all out. It would be a whole new blog post all on its own.

Eliza said...

LOL @ Snarkangel (who said what I was thinking only better)

I LOVE his hair in this one,the way the wind musses it up.....

BASRIC said...

If he'd smile at me like that I'd give him my cake the icing, ice cream and me,

And I LOVE his wayward curls.

jazzy said...

thee hee, go for it, lozzie!

Tess said...

I'm stuck on Snarkangels comment :)

silly for Vincent said...

I would gladly wrestle with you Bobby,only if only we are in our underware!!
I will give you all the cale Bobby...nut I'm sweeter than the cake,take me Bobby instead!!
Crazy curls...MMMMMM...

Anonymous said...

Gaaaa, I love the windswept curls in the bottom pictures - and naturally I love his bottom (not that it's on show in these particular shots, but just thought I'd mention it)

JoJo said...

They had quite the windy day when they shot part of this didn't they?

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