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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The kind of gift I love to receive

A lovely lady called Lilly sent me this collage she made of the amazing man, and she kindly said I could use it on my blog. Once again it's a case of Mr D'Evine inspiring womankind to great feats of talent.

It's arrived!

And to prove it, it's here!

It's not as big as I would have expected, and the sleeves don't look this baggy so...

I think it must be this one rather than the one above.

Of course, it's been laundered, unfortunately, but the edges of the sleeves seem a bit faded as if it rubbed on his lovely skin quite a bit.

THE BLACK T-SHIRT OF HOTNESS IS MINE (or one of them, anyway).

Friday, November 10, 2006

Eliza's Gift

Thanks to our tireless friend's expert guidance, I am finally able to bring to you my own caps again. So as a treat for those who like the chemistry, here's the evil troll tormenting our boy. And for those who hate the evil troll, here she is tormenting our boy. Sorry!

Playing Around

When I looked through the pictures I'd captured I found I had a couple of sequences that could be animated if I knew how. This was the best I could manage.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Apologies for the interruption in service

Last night I logged on early to try and sort out the programme for my new mobile phone. I wanted to find a way to load up my iTunes so I could have Twist And Shout or Sergeant Pepper as my ringtone. Failure number one.

Then I tried to follow Eliza's suggestions to retrieve my caps from uselessness, but seem to be one programme short of achieveing that (no Publisher, Eliza, in some half-witted way I thought you meant I'd find what I needed on Photobucket itself - Doh!) Failure number two.

I uploaded some pictures the old-fashioned one-at-a-time way (about three years for my whole stash to be done this way) but lost the first effort. Only managed 20. Failure number 3.

Finally I decided to give up and just look at everyone's blogs, and post here. My computer froze. I had to use the button to switch off. Failure number three.

By this time it was nearly 8pm, time for BOBBY!!!!! TV worked, watched the man, (Malignant - love him in that one) - SUCCESS!

Love his expression.

Love his back (couldn't lose the crdedits).

Love him.

Success number two - I got Masquerade from ELiza today. Of course I had to watch it before logging on (wouldn't you?) and was not sure what I made of it. But my goodness, isn't Liza Minnelli WEIRD!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So that's how you do it

Another first - I managed to load a few pictures, from those that will not post, on to Photobucket, where they are adjusted to JPEG and can load via the URL - and that's what I did for the first time ever!

I also bought a plug-in drive for my pictures, as they are taking up so much room, my computer is really slowing down.

I'm glad Diane's got PowerDVD working. She's already overtaken me and is watermarking pictures and managing to get them to post. More pictures for us to

Monday, November 06, 2006

Post 401

I completely missed the 400th post because of the problems I was having with uploading pictures, so here's some Masquerade, courtesy of TheReel.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Tip For Diane

Don't give up on the PowerDVD, Diane - I only have a DVD player on my computer (long story of incompetence and the manufacturers referring the vendors to themselves) but I can still get the caps. Don't know why they are now loading black like this, though, after a couple of successes. All suggestions for a solution welcome.

Tuxedo Hill Collages

The only way to get these pictures to load was to make Picasa collages out of them.

So sweet with the little girl.

Handsome , tall and clever, and oh, that back...

Please don't let THESE hands ever get arthritis.

Playing dumb.

Who'd like to be in THIS tight fit with The Man?

Who wants to be the dog and who the pen?

Nailed! (Yes please).

I keep trying

I am still attempting to post my lovely caps of Tuxedo Hill, but still drawing a black blank. This is not one of mine, and it loaded OK, so I wonder what's wrong with mine all of a sudden?

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