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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Crazy LOCI Doctors

Well, Bobby in episodes with crazy doctors. The doctors themselves barely figure at all for some reason...

Techno Woes Won't Go

Just as I was about to leave home this morning to go to the Dolls House Fair, I decided to switch on my Orange mobile phone in case my friend, whom I was to meet there, tried to phone me.

I don't use my mobile very often. Earlier this year I asked to change from a monthly contract to pay-as-you-go. They messed it up. My new SIM card, which took a month to arrive, was for a new number, when I had asked to keep my existing number, and it didn't actually terminate my contract, so they kept on charging me. While I waited for the right card, I put £10 credit on the "wrong" one in case I needed it in the meantime. When the correct card arrived I had the £10 transferred, and was promised back the rental that had been mistakenly taken. All this was done IN THE ORANGE SHOP, much of it by their staff.

Imagine my surprise today that, though I had STILL not used any credit, I had a voicemail message telling me I had only a penny left!

Instead of the station, I had to go to the Orange shop. The person who had most dealings with my problems knew the facts, and we both tried to reason with customer services, but without the mistaken SIM card (and where the hell do they think I might keep that?) they could not do anything! They have stolen £10 from me.

I went to another phone shop next door and bought a SIM card from another network. Goodbye Orange. Thursday it was my ISP I switched from them, today my mobile. Do you think they'll get the message?

I didn't take any pictures at the Dolls House Fair. It's usually regarded as an infringement of copyright. But they did have some filming going on for some kind of programme. Here's a picture I downloaded which is my first dolls house as it should be if I'd ever bought the basement and loft extensions. It comes in kit form from Sid Cooke.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Probably The Most Handsome Man in the World

Probably? Who am I kidding? It's a definite!

I connected another computer to the wireless broadband tonight, and a whole different set of things needed a phone call to Sky. Tonight's chap was not as easy to understand as yesterday's, and my brain was not as alert.

Tomorrow I'm going to a dolls' house fair in Kensington. I love ways to spend money on unnecessary fripperies.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What Women Want

And I don't mean a Mel Gibson film.

I Wanted a seamless transfer to Sky wireless broadband, and I nearly got it. Well, McAfee seemed to stall while loading, and two patches failed, but it is on here and working now. Then the computer said I was connected, but I couldn't get on to any internet sites. A phone call to a very nice young man in the Philippines called - you'll never guess! - Val meant I was able to get what I Wanted, which was online tonight, reading my emails and your blogs, and posting on my blog.

So here's some Want to reflect my, well fulfilled Needs, I suppose.

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