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Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Don't Believe It

I've only had a stat counter on my blog for 4 or 5 days, and it is already showing over 900 hits.

Surely not. People, please comment occasionally so I can find out a bit more about my readership.

And Vincent, if you ever read this - I love you loads. Could you tell?

Compulsory Viewing

Thanks to the unquenchable curiosity of Snarkangel over at Jazzy's blog, Five Minutes Mr Welles has been found on YouTube, apparently posted by the wonderful Mr D'Onofrio himself!

Go here to feast your eyes and ears on 30-minutes'-worth of the lovely man, then comment, and pass it on to as many people as possible - we want to get it released!

If you follow the link to VDO630's profile, it looks like it's really VDO1 who's posted it. Send him a message. Tell him how much he's loved.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Quick, Quick, Go!

My BF is less than 10 minutes away, so here's a super-quick post to keep everyone happy (especially me).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Magic Finger

I wanted to use some of these pictures in yesterday's video, but apparently I haven't yet put the album on my plug-in hard drive, so it must be feeling lonely on my oldest computer.

Luckily this slideshow is on Photobucket.

And here's a new one I just made to see if my problems with the Bucket have gone away again. Dare I say - I think they have...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun Loving

Don't die of amazement - this movie isn't set to a Beatles song - or even something 60s.

I went to see the original Fleetwood Mac in about 1967. Albatross was in the charts.

They were a Blues group, and called themselves Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac featuring Jeremy Spencer on bottleneck guitar, just so they could name all the members! I loved them. I like parts of the album Rumours, which is the only rock album I ever bought that wasn't by a 60s band or artist.

On Saturday I found Rumours on CD for just £3 in Woolworths, so I had to have it to replace the vinyl.

This song seemed perfect for a Bobby video.


In the last couple of days, I have started to receive rogue adverts which open up a new page on my browser uninvited, taking precedence over what I'm in the middle of doing. It seems to coincide with my installing a statcounter on my blog. Or maybe that's just a fluke.

I wonder why my security doesn't block them. And I wonder if there's a solution to the problem. Anyone know?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dreaming of Vincent

Following on from comments on the latest post at The Cat, I have to say that I long to dream of Vincent. Every night I fall asleep thinking of him, but it never translates into a dream. I rarely remember dreams, either.

But the night before last, I had a dream that I did remember on waking.

I was in a pub where a recently-married colleague was the landlady. As we were chatting, I realised I needed to pee. The nearest loo was out of order, and she told me to go through to the other bar. I was barefoot, and pubs often have beer spilled on the floor, not to mention toilets having who-knows-what that you could tread in, so I put on 4" stilettoes (spike heels to my US audience) and RAN in them to the other toilet. (I can't run AT ALL in ANY kind of footwear.)

At that point I woke up, and realised why I needed to run to the loo - I really was dying for a pee!


He's back. He's gorgeous. He's still tortured. But HE'S BACK!

So no, not purgatory. Pure, unadulterated heaven.

Millions of thanks to Eliza for doing her "due diligence" (where have we heard that saying before?) and getting this to me and many others so incredibly fast.

Monday, June 09, 2008

No Comfort

I was going to post a slideshow of Cold Comfort, which is on tonight, but my old problem with Photobucket returned.

I've seen Purgatory on a tiny 2 by one-and-a-half inch screen courtesy of a link from Lozzie, but I can't wait to get my DVD from the wonderful Eliza and cap it.

Meanwhile, unable to get back on the Bucket after my new slideshow failed to save, I have gone to Eliza's website and borrowed a few of her caps.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Funniest TV Scene Ever

No, I can't show it to you. If it is on YouTube it is as well-hidden as it could be.

It's the scene in 3rd Rock From The Sun where Sally and Harry take the car to be fixed, and the mechanic explains to Harry, even though it's Sally who does all the talking. As they prepare to leave, Sally grabs a clamp, and somewhere under the counter apparently clamps it somewhere delicate. The guy's expression says it all.

I wish I could find it.


Eames says Rick Davenport was handsome. Doesn't she ever look at the hunk beside her?

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