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Monday, June 09, 2008

No Comfort

I was going to post a slideshow of Cold Comfort, which is on tonight, but my old problem with Photobucket returned.

I've seen Purgatory on a tiny 2 by one-and-a-half inch screen courtesy of a link from Lozzie, but I can't wait to get my DVD from the wonderful Eliza and cap it.

Meanwhile, unable to get back on the Bucket after my new slideshow failed to save, I have gone to Eliza's website and borrowed a few of her caps.


JoJo said...

Oh it was a great episode....the old Bobby seems to be back, but he is going to face some huge obstacles!!!!! I can't wait till you see it so that we can share our opinions w/o spoiling it!!

BobbyG said...

Hope you get to see it soon. I think you will like it a lot. Look forward to hearing your take on it.

Mariajosé said...

I die to see it. It seems a fabulous episode.

Meanwhile I must be satisfied with its commentaries

jazzy said...

this tiny tiny screen killed me. so i converted the file from avi to wmv, which sent the picture quality to hell.

thx so much for posting
more please!!!

Drowsey Monkey said...

I'm jealous, I can't see it till the weekend. They're doing a marathon an all day marathon, then the new episiode.

I'm watching "smothered" right now. I think you need to watch that again and and post a few photos of him in that black t-shirt. DAMN! Yummy.

Of course the older, scruffier look is fine the belly tickler as I like to call it (aka beard)

Lozzie Cap said...

I don't think you will be disappointed when you see the episode.

My eyes feel like empty crisp packets. Thinking about what happened kept me awake for much of the night.

I need to get some therapy, man :-D

Axe said...

No such luck for me to see this, but OMG, isn't he fucking GORGEOUS???!!!


Anonymous said...

I know I won't be seeing this for a LONG time.

I envy you, drowsey monkey, for being able to watch "Smothered" now (I'm pretty busy with other stuff). Mmmm, tight black t-shirt.

Goddessdster said...

Oh. I wasn't too too crazy about the episode, but at least I got to see it. I'm so sorry, International Vixens...

SnarkAngel said...

Thanks, Eliza! Thanks, Val!

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