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Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Exit

No, not another post saying what a pathetically poor send-off they gave Bobby and Alex.


I've touched tiger fur. Now I need to touch Vincent's hands.
They just look so soft.

"Hey, Long John Silver, what's with the eye patch?"

"Is the one-eyed weirdo still behind me?"

Bobby's ADHD kicks in as Alex concentrates on the computer.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who's the tallest of them all?

In an effort to stay awake, Bobby slaps his own face.

Deakins closes his good eye to look at the new evidence.

"So he said I'm a head case. ME!"

The tie points the way.

No, Bobby, the model boat is in another episode.

Bobby is a little tipsy, and gets the giggles.

He ends up singing without the karaoke backing track.

He tries to act serious when Carver, looking even tinier than usual, comes into the room.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring at the Zoo

Spring really seemed to have arrived today, and to celebrate, some of the animals at the zoo were showing off their offspring.
The squirrel monkeys are giving birth almost daily.
They are not all good mothers like this one, though.

Dominant females without young are kidnapping the babies of lower-ranking females.
The "good" mother is trying to take away a baby from a kidnapper that has no milk to feed it.

She succeeded, but only temporarily.
The baby is getting weaker and will probably die.

There is an okapi baby, born in November, but only recently on show.
The pregnancy lasts 14-15 months. I had NO idea though.
The pictures are dark, as the baby was indoors and I didn't want to bother him with the flash.

Here he is with mum.
The male I got to stroke a few months ago is not dad.
He has only been at the zoo for about a year.
Dad was moved on to breed elsewhere.
Great life, eh? Love 'em and leave 'em.

The sloths haven't yet bred, as far as I know.
This one wedged itself into a nest box in such a way that you can't tell what's what.
You can see three sets of claws, and there seems to be an extra arm on the right.
But is this the front or back view?

I returned later to find that it had adjusted its position slightly.

Shortly after this, it pulled itself out of the hole, and set off at an alarming rate of at least a yard a minute. Wow! Speed freak!

I needed a boost...

...A Titan missile will do.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

The End

It was badly done. There are so many questions left unanswered.

What will Bobby do now? Will the FBI, having ruined his life, give him a job? Will he want it?

Why wasn't Bobby in uniform?

How can the FBI refuse to honour an arrest warrant?

Why are you playing with your drink, Bobby?

Are you expecting to drive after drinking that?

Did you enjoy that?

Have you been longing to rough someone up since episode One, Bobby?

Why does Bobby pick up this piece of glass?
Did they forget to include the scene that gives the action significance?

Can I hold a gun to this guy's head?

How can they get rid of this handsome man?

Can I kiss your neck, please?


Now what next?

Is it love?

Not even.

So Bobby Goren is gone, Vincent D'Onofrio has been disposed of, and Law and Order Criminal Intent is over.

The Prince and the Frog

Well, folks, the time has come. We must finally choose between:

The handsome Prince

and the frog.

Anyone fancy kissing the frog?

Didn't think so.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Don't remember...

...seeing these exact shots before. I have the ones with Elias visible, and a great pictures of his lovely head. It lies beside my bed. But these don't ring a bell, especially those taken from the sides.

Oh well, even if you have them in your collections, I don't suppose you'll mind my publishing them.

Any black face will do

It has often struck me that, because whitey took so many black people from Africa and mixed them up, the average white person has no concept of the different characteristics of the various black peoples of Africa. Therefore, when they cast, for example, a would-be Somali dictator, it does not occur to them that they should choose an actual Somali person, or two, or more.

It is some years since I noticed that I could tell if a black person passing me in the street was Somali. Those who were seeking sanctuary from the terrible conflicts in their native land were among the most pure-bred and identifiable people I had ever seen. These random pictures from the internet illustrate how very similar the features of unrelated Somalis can be.

I just finished reading a book which included Somali characters, and the descriptions were way off the mark, more like descriptions of people from India than from Somalia.
To authors and casting directors, I would say, actually look at those your are seeking to have portrayed. You think any black face will do. It's racist.
Just one of the many things that were wrong with "Loyalty".
Go suck on it, USA.

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