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Thursday, April 08, 2010

The End

It was badly done. There are so many questions left unanswered.

What will Bobby do now? Will the FBI, having ruined his life, give him a job? Will he want it?

Why wasn't Bobby in uniform?

How can the FBI refuse to honour an arrest warrant?

Why are you playing with your drink, Bobby?

Are you expecting to drive after drinking that?

Did you enjoy that?

Have you been longing to rough someone up since episode One, Bobby?

Why does Bobby pick up this piece of glass?
Did they forget to include the scene that gives the action significance?

Can I hold a gun to this guy's head?

How can they get rid of this handsome man?

Can I kiss your neck, please?


Now what next?

Is it love?

Not even.

So Bobby Goren is gone, Vincent D'Onofrio has been disposed of, and Law and Order Criminal Intent is over.


Anonymous said...

I echo your sentiments...bastards. Nice caps, the last couple of minutes was the only part worth watching. Two different episodes written by two different writers that seemingly didn't mesh. It was a travesty.

SnarkAngel said...

I found the whole sister-turns-on-brother "thing" rather forced and contrived. All of a sudden she tells the detectives everything and gives up everyone? Uh ... yeah ... right. Too easy. It was so rushed. Just moved way too fast. They crammed way too much into two hours. I'm relieved it's over, folks. I think it's time to move on and stop rehashing this episode and the actors' departures.

UrVxn said...

No uniform was probably the fact to old one maybe a little snug for Vince at his current weight. Why make a new one?? As for the show...shabby, shabby and they should be ashamed to print and air such a thing. Poor sent off for a great character and even greater actor (actors). As long as we remember the show and Vince we will keep him (them)alive and with that comes the loss and grieve. Just think of the openings it left.
"Goren,FBI"? After all, Vince did say he'll consider all types of jobs and he has "nothing planned"!!
Who many times can Goldblum keep remaking his episodes and not get along with partners before it becomes too costly?? The best line in this episode was when Kate said to Vince,..."you are the best" AND HE ALWAYS WILL BE!!

mauigirl said...

My theory: The funeral scene was supposed to be after Bobby was suspended. But as usual, things are out-of-order.
Great post Val.

havers said...

That post was perfect and you named all the question I have.

But we'll get no answers and that is so sad.

Tess said...

I didn't even recognize Bobby except for the final scene. How sad is that?

Anonymous said...

'Friendship Love' that's all ;0) The writers (writers????) clearly had NO interest in Vincent and Kate, and just wanted the Fly-Team in there. Fine, let them get on with it now. I really don't care any more.

potzina said...

Well said, Val! I ask myself the same questions...:(

Anonymous said...

Mauigirl,hit the nail slap bang on the head I think! Poor Bobby goes to salute in that scene, suddenly realises he's not in uniform, and has to content himself with putting his hand on his heart instead. Doesn't surprise me that USA couldn't even be bothered to put scenes in the right order either!!

JoJo said...

BASTARDS! USA Sucks, Dick Wolf and company Suck, LOCI SUCKS!

I realize that Vincent may be relieved, on some level, so now he can pursue the indy movies he loves to do. Doesn't make it easier on us though. :(

UrVxn said...

SO sad; yes, they are bastards first class! Cheer up--you'll see him again! Maybe soon! He is alive and well in Utah!!

Jess said...

If the funeral was supposed to be after Bobby was suspended, he wouldn't have been in the middle of the others cops. I thought he doesn't wear his uniform as a way to show he takes his distances with NYPD because after that he does everything in order to be fired. And FBI doesn't ruin his career, his days in the MCS were counted anyway, it was rather this job which was ruining him : he couldn't except to find any more fulfillment here, professional or personnal just the same deadly routine day after day which was slowly killing him. So even if the story itself is stupid, I like the end. It was sad, but there was no better way to end up for me. In Frame, Declan wanted to get him free, but Declan was crazy and used crazy method...however now, he's really free, how he'll use this is let to your imagination ;)

Music Wench said...

It was a horrible way to send them off. I resented every second that wasn't devoted to Goren and Eames and that was a LARGE part of the stupid story.

They deserved better and so did VDO and KE.

I think Walon Green should have been fired after last season. They were acting out of character, too. Bobby arguing a case for the FBI is just a bit much.

And I resent them not putting Bobby in uniform.

Ah well, I have to stop thinking about it now or my headache will come back.

And how they could get rid of that handsome man in favor or Gollum is beyond me.

ann said...

i think because i knew so much before i got to see it, it wasn't as bad as i imagined and bobby looked much better than he did in any of season 8 - seriously hot and handsome

so, the story...

let's face it - bobby's face didn't fit - he was too honest, too moral and had too much integrity, they wanted him out from when he was suspended - a departure in a hail of bullets would have turned this maverick into a hero and that simply would not do - so they fired him and used eames to do their dirty work

he was not a happy bunny - you could see it through S8 and the captain's death and all the backstabbing twists and turns soured him - i'm sure if he wasn't fired he would have walked - i think when he walked out the door there was a look of peace and relief on his face - certainly no look of angst and regret

i actually think it may well have reflected what was happening with the studio!

still, the last scene is one to treasure - i positively melted the way he looked at her

i know everyone's upset, but vincent wanted to leave the show so how would you have liked bobby to have left?

ironically last night's mentalist also had a large body count of detectives, a resignation and a big old hug

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