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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Goren The Greatest

We always knew Goren was great. Now we know he is the greatest, and so do Hallmark, and presumably USA and NBC.

Vincent D'Onofrio produced a great character for Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Even though the Powers That Be have discarded him, we will remain forever loyal.

No one does it like Bobby.

They are closing down NYPD and the Major Case Squad's greatest closer. Unfortunately, their loss is also ours.

This time tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I feel the knees buckling beneath me. There is none other like Bobby Goren. Thanks for the memories.

JoJo said...

Maybe one of the Vixens needs to do a blog post set to "Nobody Does it Better" by Carly Simon.

Tess said...

I'm to the point to where I want to scream...'Lets just get it over with':( This has to be the longest day in history..

Anonymous said...

I really don't think it would be QUITE so bad if LOCI was ending, tonight, right where it began; with Goren and Eames, Vincent and Kate. It's the fact that NBC/USA seem to think they know BETTER, that it can carry on without it's heart and soul that REALLY sticks in the throat. Oh well, they'll soon find out that was a 'Big Mistake; HUGE'!

Eliza said...

Every time I think I'm being stoical about it all, it creeps up and bites don't need to know how pathetic I'm being,although I suspect I'm not the only one

I actually registered on the usa site, just to vote in a stupid poll saying that I won't be watching any more

bobbybegood1 said...

I understand exactly how you're feeling Eliza. I'm putting up a brave front, too. But, then, reality sets in, and I begin to feel like I am attending my lover/brother/bestfriend's funeral.

Music Wench said...

He always will be the best! I'm sure TPTB are sweating it out now that they realize what a horrible mistake they've made. They gambled and I hope they lose BIG TIME.

They should have just canceled the show outright instead of turning it into LOCI light. :-/

Thanks for the lovely photos of our lovely Bobby Goren. :-)

SnarkAngel said...

Lovely memories, Val. Wish I could say the final episode left me with some good memories, but it fell far short. It was, in fact, dreadful.

guiding light81 said...

On all the other LOCI/VDO sites on the internet I read everyday, everyone is going mad about last night's episode.Apparently over here in Germany I will have to wait for a few month longer to say goodbye to Goren,Eames and Ross, but I feel like I've done it already.The pain felt and written down by my fellow vixens makes my heart feel miserably and hurt!
No other word than FUCK YOU USANETWORK.
You may not know now what will be hitting you in the next few weeks and month but I do!!!!
Ratings will sink and you will lose some precious money.Apparently the ONLY thing you really care about (despite your slogan CHARACTERS WELCOME).But you should have known better not to mess with a loyal fan's heart.WE will make you LIGHTER!!!
(I'm not able to post anything else today so I post this comment everywhere possible)

val said...

"We will make you lighter." I like it!

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