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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quote of the Millennium

"iTunes? I organised it all with Steve Jobs".

By the only completely deluded and deranged Heather Mills.

A Warm, Comfortable Bed

The counters in my kitchen aren't used for much food preparation. Most of them contain cat beds. There are enough cat beds for each cat to have its own, and a few more on the table and chairs for good measure.

Nevertheless, multiple bed occupation is common. But it still surprises me when the bedmates are Jaspa and Beano.

When Beano was a tiny kitten, with ears bigger than his head, he once went to sleep on Jaspa's back without her noticing. I got a picture (sadly I have never scanned it in) before she woke up and had a hissy fit.

So you can imagine my surprise today when I saw this:

He's a bit big to fit along her back any more, in fact he really can't even fit in the same bed. But he's a cat, he's bound to try. Why she stayed put is more of a mysery. I mean, just look at the empty bed right next door!

A Gift From Santa

A kind wellwisher has found the pictures Diane posted on The Valentine Cat minus most of the watermarks and has donated them to the world of V-dom.

They are from 2004, and many have been seen before, but here's a small selection of some very cute ones.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The importance of December 8th

Today I walked past the site of the old Lewisham Odeon cinema, long since demolished to make way for a new road and a traffic roundabout.

In 1963, a mere 10 years old, I went along there with my older sister and her friend to see The Beatles live on stage. I thought I remembered that it was December 10th, so it seemed appropriate that I should pass it and remember the event today.

A quick check online, however, shows that I was mistaken, and the date of the concert was December 8th.

The thousands of screaming fans would never have been able to imagine that just 17 years later, on that very day, but in a very different kind of place, John Lennon would be murdered.

If only he'd stayed in the UK.

I took your advice

I found time today to go in search of a wireless mouse for my laptop. I chose a slightly dearer one than I needed simply because it felt most comfortable in my hand.

I'd forgotten how great it is to be able to scroll without the kind of problem you get with a laptop mouse. This one also has a few extra bells and whistles - for example, you can just click a button to go backwards or forwards, and you can also programme those buttons to do other things if you prefer.

So thanks, folks, for encouraging me to take this step. I'm already feeling more chilled because I don't have to keep going back to do things again.

Classic Bobby

Another episode that we all seem to love (as long as SWMNBN is edited out for Diane!)

It's all right, Diane, she's old Heart-in-a-Box now, you can relax!

Oh, look, the index finger's longer than the ring finger!
So the danger from prostate cancer's reduced, and we know the testosterone levels are OK!

Invisible cigarette lighter.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Best and Brightest

I'm pretty sure this episode will be on most people's favourites list.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Killer Episode

Weird and sick as it is, I quite enjoy this episode.
What I'm not enjoying is the red crosses appearing in my Photobucket album for no apparent reason, and some spreading over here for even less reason.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Smug Bastard

I wish Bobby would land one on him.

There are two pictures that are not displaying. I hope that will change.

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