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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Killer Episode

Weird and sick as it is, I quite enjoy this episode.
What I'm not enjoying is the red crosses appearing in my Photobucket album for no apparent reason, and some spreading over here for even less reason.


Anonymous said...

It's horrible when the Techno Gods are 'angry' with you. I must have pissed them off several times this year!

Eliza said...

Now this is an episode I enjoy..I think because of the sparring between Bobby and the 'perp'(still feels weird saying that, but you know what I mean)

The only bit I don't like is when Bobbys probing those 'boils'...yuck yuck yuck

Miex said...

It's one of my favourite episodes. And this is not only because of cap #7 ;)

jazzy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sixtwosue said...

I agree with Eliza. I like this one because of the bad guy, one of the few who can be as physically imposing as our man. But Bobby wins with those camera angles, and boy does he look cute with his sleeves rolled up.

fuzzytweetie said...

I think PB suffers from multiple personalities.

I love this episode. The sparring with the stupid perp and the mind games with the smug perp.

potzina said...

I love this episode, too. Bobby is so teasing with the stupid perp.

SnarkAngel said...

Cap number 7 is positively obscene ... no wonder I like it!

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