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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Warm, Comfortable Bed

The counters in my kitchen aren't used for much food preparation. Most of them contain cat beds. There are enough cat beds for each cat to have its own, and a few more on the table and chairs for good measure.

Nevertheless, multiple bed occupation is common. But it still surprises me when the bedmates are Jaspa and Beano.

When Beano was a tiny kitten, with ears bigger than his head, he once went to sleep on Jaspa's back without her noticing. I got a picture (sadly I have never scanned it in) before she woke up and had a hissy fit.

So you can imagine my surprise today when I saw this:

He's a bit big to fit along her back any more, in fact he really can't even fit in the same bed. But he's a cat, he's bound to try. Why she stayed put is more of a mysery. I mean, just look at the empty bed right next door!


judith said...

AH. Are'nt they just the sweetest!

Eliza said...

Mine rarely even spend time in the same room together, so if I saw them in the same bed I'd probably faint :-)

They do look very cosy in there, obviously Jaspa is teaching the youngster a lesson..although what lesson is a mystery only known to her

Tess said...

My Sunny and Alex curl up like that. Personally I don't think Sunny is too crazy about it, but Alex weighs more.

Ruby said...

Absolutely adorable, Val!! Thanks for sharing!! (It's ALWAYS a blessing when they do something other than squabble!)

SnarkAngel said...

Nice to see them cuddling together!

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