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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Gift From Santa

A kind wellwisher has found the pictures Diane posted on The Valentine Cat minus most of the watermarks and has donated them to the world of V-dom.

They are from 2004, and many have been seen before, but here's a small selection of some very cute ones.


judith said...

Poor sweetpea (Elias) he's had enough and just wants to get home or maybe Daddy stood on his toe?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to St.Nick for these great gifts.

Eliza said...

Elias looks knackered in those pics..or maybe he just wanted a carry?? Shopping has a similar effect on me :-)

havers said...

Oh my...adorable. Thanks so much for sharing.

Frances said...

Great photos, Val.

Cute family.

Anonymous said...

Santa made my weekend!

Ruby said...

Poor baby Elias! (I'm with you, Eliza--I don't like shopping either!) Thanks for these beautiful gifts, Santa Val!

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