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Friday, December 10, 2010

Classic Bobby

Another episode that we all seem to love (as long as SWMNBN is edited out for Diane!)

It's all right, Diane, she's old Heart-in-a-Box now, you can relax!

Oh, look, the index finger's longer than the ring finger!
So the danger from prostate cancer's reduced, and we know the testosterone levels are OK!

Invisible cigarette lighter.


JoJo said...

Brian thinks it's hilarious that we first referred to her as SWMNBN and now as 'ol' heart in a box'. lol

Awesome caps. Loved this episode, esp. he and Eames' metrosexual bit in the shoe store.

Anonymous said...

I tried not to look, but I saw to wash out my eyes ;0)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, he does take my breathe away. The one of him checking to see if the kid is dead gives my heart palpitations.

Ruby said...

Late to the game here -- sorry. But I just have to ask: What does SWMNBN stand for?

potzina said...

Ruby, I think that means : She Who Must Not Be Named.

Great caps, Val. :D

fuzzytweetie said...

I love when they play a "couple".

Ruby said...

Ahhh...thanks, Potzina! Sort of like HWMNBN who shot John Lennon.

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