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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Animal News

After being poorly for some time with an infection that caused terrible loss of appetite to his elderly frame, my poor gorgeous Dandy made a short recovery before developing what appeared to be a toe infection. It didn't get better, so on Monday, the poor little boy had to have two toes amputated. Mr Spock, eat your heart out.

 photo DSC00087_zps9b619356.jpg

He's doing better than expected. Once the fur grows back on to his beautiful, mutilated paw, we might not even notice the deformity :(

Meanwhile, try on a tamandua (or tree anteater) for size.

 photo DSC00100_zps7055484c.jpg

Or would you prefer a new baby white-naped mangabey?

 photo DSC00096_zps35861959.jpg

The Posthumous Collection

There's the gorgeous face:

 photo PosthumousCollection394.jpg

And the loooong body:

 photo PosthumousCollection324.jpg

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