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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Flood Damage

There has been plenty of news within the UK about flooding over Christmas nd the New Year, although I imagine elsewhere people are too busy dealing with their own freak weather to notice.

I didn't know anyone who was directly involved. Or so I thought.

Then I was contacted by the Orthotics department at the hospital, who send off my left shoes for a raise.

The company that does the adaptation was flooded, resulting in the loss of all the shoes awaiting their services. They will compensate (though they are not making it easy) but I will never get back the fellow of this gorgeous boot.

On Friday I went on a shoe hunt. All I could buy in this style was boring beige. Of the other shoe there was no sign. I had to buy a shoe that cost twice as much.

I am severely pissed off. I only get two pairs a year adapted, and it is harder every year to find even two suitable pairs.

But really, I just want my shoe back.


My best pictures of this are not on Photobucket because they are too racy. This one is not bad though...

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