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Friday, October 14, 2011


At the zoo today, this ring-tailed lemur caught my eye, sitting back and lapping up the warm autumn sun. He looks like a little old man sitting on a rock with his hand on his knee.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where did Thursday go?

As they get older (they are now 15) Beano (at the back) and Dandy (front right) are harder to get in at night. They are due for their boosters, but it has been impossible for me to make an appointment because I can't be sure they'll be there i the morning for me to put them in their baskets and whisk them off to the vet.

Well, this morning the opportunity arose. Even before I had breakfast I had lugged their large bodies into the vet's and had them sorted.

Back at home, as I finished my breakfast, dentist number 2 phoned to offer to fit me in for a start to my treatment. As I'd already paid a deposit to dentist number 3, I refused, but soon phoned back and accepted.

Suddenly my leisurely trip to the hospital school to sort out my opting back in to teachers' pension scheme was a rush. (That screw up is aother story!)

When I got back on home turf, I managed to get my deposit back from dentist 3, and started treatment with dentist 2. He started to drill out my tooth, where he found a crack across the base that couldn't be seen on x-rays. He's started the root canal filling and lanced the infected area of gum. I have no idea what it's going to feel like when the anaesthetic wears off, but I have to eat on the other side for about 3 weeks till the next phase of treatment - if I forget and bust the tooth altogether, it's curtains!

A Strange Day For Miss Lee

At your service.

Funnily enough, this is on my list to show Alex. Sadly, my copy of The Impostor is Region 1, so unless I treat myself to a new copy, I can't show it to him.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Teeth, Channel 5 and Tough Work

Had to sign up for yet another dentist today as number 2 wouldn't see me without gouging more private money out of me.

So yet another assessment and no treatment till next Thursday. Antibiotics are finished. I'll just have to get by on painkillers and heat pads. Even on the NHS this is going to cost me £200, but it would be more than double for private treatment with the same person.

Tonight should be another episode of Season 8 on Channel 5, but they seem to have dropped it out of the schedule. I've emailed them in protest, I would be honoured if other Brit Vixens joined me.

Meanwhile, my Science Fiction module of work with Alex has taken in The Thirteenth Floor. Work is so tough.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sleepless nights

And not just In The Wee Small Hours.

For those who recommend the dentist, went last Friday and have been taking antibiotics ever since, to no avail. Swelling is getting worse, not better. Can't go again before Thursday - won't leave Alex in the lurch. Don't have brandy or whisky in the house. Soluble painkillers rubbed in are the best solution, along with oil of cloves, but root filling and crown are in my future.

Anyway, here's some classic Bobby! (How can his hands be simultaneously so big, strong and manly, and so delicate and fine?)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday, October 09, 2011

We backed a winner!

A while ago I asked you all to go and vote for Peter James for the People's Bestseller Dagger Award. Many of you did so. And just like our campaign for Bobby as top L&O detective, we helped to clinch it!

He told his Twitter followers on Friday night/Saturday morning, though the ceremony is not on TV till the 11th. He beat people like Lee Child to win. And he celebrated by buying fish and chips for those of his loyal readers who could make it to Brighton yesterday.

Congratulations to Peter, and thanks to all of you for helping. Now don't forget to enjoy his books!

Hold Me Prisoner


Could you also punch me in the face, Bobby, to knock out the tooth that's killing me?

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