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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Small Victories

A couple of years ago, I began to see a tabby cat with a triangle of white on his muzzle wandering around all over the street. By chance I found out who he belonged to. A couple of times I suggested she might like to get him neutered, to curb his wandering and make him safer.

She didn't, and gradually this cat got bigger and bigger and became more and more of a problem, as he tried to dominate the area. He is now one of the biggest cats I've ever seen, including Maine Coons, and he has turned into a thug and a bully. She and I have had very strong words about him on more than one occasion. Meanwhile he was regularly trying to intimidate my cats, threaten my chickens, and eventually started to injure other local cats, some of them quite seriously, causing hefty vet bills. Still all she could offer was expletives.

The other night local loved-up cat Ginge/Ginger Boy/Diego, who has adopted the whole world as his family, to the extent that, though his pathetic owner hasn't even bothered to give him a name, another neighbour has had him neutered and vaccinated and everyone feeds and shelters him, was hunkered under a car in the street as the Thug (otherwise known as Bully Boy) tried to exert his superiority.

Obviously my house was not the answer. My tiny weeny cat Mitzi hates the pretty ginger cat with a vengeance and chases him off the moment she sees him. But just then another neighbour came along and whisked him into the safety of her house.

Last night the doorbell rang. It was the owner of the Thug. Meekly and mildly, she asked me if I had seen her cat. She had jusy brought him back from being neutered(!!!) and he had made good his escape. I checked my garden but he had the good sense not to appear there.

It seems that it took three people to get him into a cat basket, and the owner was covered in deep scratches.

I didn't say he would have been easier to handle had they done what they should have when he was six months old. I just offered the advice that the vet could give them a tranquilliser to put in his food when he has to go back for his second injections.

Then I set about phoning the owners of his victims to tell them the good news!

Watching The Hubris Song

As written by his friend Sam Bisbee.

Vincent is faithful to his friends. And he is always making more friends (like Patti Smith) by the wonderful way he treats them.

What a guy.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Icarus 5

With hands in pockets

and on lapels

Yell at me!

Oh lord...

Worth commmitting murder to be on the receiving end of this smile

and this confrontation

Careful, Bobby, don't say the "F" word


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Icarus 4

Beware - genius at work.

That's gorgeous, handsome, Goren genius.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Icarus 3

Bobby and the women.

One he trusts to help him, the other he can't get the measure of.

But for both he displays those wonderful digits. For us too.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Icarus 2

A few examples of Goren having fun:

Pinching the guy's water

Mocking him when he says "I have a name" - hand out, "Detective Goren"

OK, this is just Bobby being a human tower...

Here comes the cigar

There it goes

Bobby pulls a face

He has a sniff

Then there's his best trick of all - just being gorgeous!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Icarus 1

Bobby certainly had fun in this episode - and I think Vincent must have, too.

Walking the Labyrinth

then moving the stones to suit himself (which I couldn't get without credits over the top)

As he nears the end his "wings" start to rise

and he flies towards Eames

Spotting the rigging man's family turned out to provide a vital clue

I loved his reaction when the guy described himself as a "dramaturg".

I wish he wouldn't sit like that...without me to help him get comfortable

Hands up those who think he's unaware of how gorgeous his hands are

What an

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Taking publicity a bit far?

One of my favourite authors, Peter James, who used to write supernatural thrillers, has created a character called Superintendant Roy Grace of the Sussex Police - soon(ish) to be a TV series.

His latest novel, Dead Man's Grip, came out a couple of weeks ago, and went straight to the top of the bestsellers list, ahead of Jeffery Deaver's James Bond offering. It is about a hit-and-run accident in which a cyclist dies, who happens to be an American student whose mother is "connected", and wants those involved in the accident to die painfully. She hires a hit-man to take care of it. The hit-and-run driver was in a white van.

Peter James has a website where he gave a link to his extremely elaborate publicity stunt:

Apparently something went wrong, but luckily it wasn't fatal!

Maybe if USA tried some extreme publicity like this, they wouldn't have felt the need to give our detectives the chop. At any rate, I can thoroughly recommend any and all of Peter's books. I wish Vincent was the right age and nationality to play Roy Grace...

Typical USA Respect

Only a philistine savage could do this to our Vincent:

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