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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Animal Magic

On Tuesday I visited my friend, who recently adopted two retired breeding Bengal cats, Juniper, a shy petite queen who resisted being photographed, and Bear, a huge stud. When he was a tiny kitten Bear's mother had caught his eye with a claw, so he has lived his life happily with just one.

 photo DSC03223_zps00380a98.jpg

I made another trip to the zoo last Wednesday, and though the tiger cubs did not appear, a new baby llama made its entry into the world. This is the sweetie at just 2-and-a-half hours old:

 photo DSC03227_zps3468d805.jpg  photo DSC03228_zpsa8b81c73.jpg  photo DSC03230_zps9d1b2a18.jpg  photo DSC03232_zps7af96fa6.jpg  photo DSC03234_zps933cad98.jpg

One reason why the cubs may not have appeared is they had their first vet encounter, where they were vaccinated, microchipped and sexed - two boys and a girl.

No Exit

This one tragic episode, misery from start to finish. Bobby's only smile was when he was suggesting the girl who committed suicide was probably drunk and wearing a lampshade at the Christmas party.

 photo NoExit303.jpg

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