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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Winnie and Tigger

It's 90 years since the publication of the first Winnie The Pooh story, and it seems someone somewhere is planning a TV programme about it sometime between Christmas and New Year. My source? A sound man at the zoo.

First hint was a well known presenter outside the tiger enclosure being filmed with real life tiggers.

Alan Titchmarsh peparing for his entrance via the camel enclosure.

 photo DSC01045_zpsksr4mejq.jpg
Titchmarsh started his TV life as a garden makeover presenter. He moved to garden quiz show presenter, then novelist and chat show host. Not one of my favourites.

 When I first arrived mum and the cubs were ensconced in the shrubbery. But dad was as close to the visitors as he could be. It was as if he was posing for people's photographs.

 photo DSC01027_zpse95uj9ad.jpg

For a while the babies came out to torment dad. One zombie chomped on a leg while the other ate some brain. Dad looks like he's yelling for help!

 photo DSC01038_zpstndoszbm.jpg

To oblige the TV crew, Melati's favourite keeper Kate threw in some treats so that mum and babies came out to chase their snacks.

 photo DSC01039_zpsttwh5tqx.jpg

 photo DSC01040_zpsxkdrzsms.jpg

 photo DSC01043_zpsrgdsxhg0.jpg

Meanwhile baby gorilla Alika is currently her mother Mjukuu's sole concern.

 photo DSC01035_zpsncuw9bij.jpg

Gernot is back with his mother Effie, though trying to escape to be with his half sister.

 photo DSC01034_zpsf6lcp8zj.jpg


 photo DSC01032_zpsc0r0gcp9.jpg

The Cell

Super-creepy film, first time I was ever sympathetic towards a serial killer.

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