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Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Person of Interest

A post from a Persona Non Grata. (Look for the commenters missing from my blog since my "annoyed" post and you can work out for whom, against all evidence to the contrary, I am now a member of The Dark Side.)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pas de Deux

Can't imagine why we love this episode so much...

Don't worry, I didn't forget the dance scene.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Pardoner's Tale

Back to normal. Anyone who thought I'd love Vincent any less or delete my goodness-knows-how-many-tens-of-thousands of pictures of him was mistaken.

Sorry about the watermark, it was an experiment that went wrong.

Get that Forney-cating tube out of the way!

It's MY bum you should be pinching!

"Boo! Made you look!"

As if the neck were not enough, just look at the hair curling over it.

Remind you of another look of his?

Like this, for instance?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Annoyed. Upset. Offended.

With Vincent.

For weeks on end we have railed against NBC/USA/Dick Wolf for booting him out of LOCI, and one of our reasons for believing this was how it happened is that Vincent has kept quiet.

Now, after all our campaigning, he announces - to a French interviewer - that it was all his intention since Season 8.

He says he was glad to do LOCI because it kept him in New York instead of travelling away from his family to do movies while Elias was small. He also says he's leaving so he can do movies and spend more time with his family.

It doesn't take a Det. Goren to work out the contradiction there.

Didn't his loyal fans deserve to know sooner what was really going on? You've been paid the big bucks, Mr D'Onofrio, because we have watched episodes over and over again, we've given you the ratings that kept you and the show at the top. You were an audience-puller, and that audience was US. So yes, you are a private individual, but nevertheless your followers did deserve something better from you.

You haven't disappointed me often, but in this I feel really let down.

(For those who haven't read or watched the interview, it is in two parts on TheReel

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Henry Parrot Memorial Bookcase

I used to have a parrot stand in the living room which was supposed to be a place where Henry and Louis could meet and make friends on neutral territory. It never worked like that, and they had a mutual hatred till poor darling Henry died in August. As Louis doesn't use the stand, I've dismantled it and stashed it in the garden shed. All my Vincent DVDs are in boxes stacked on the floor in that space, instead of in the middle of the room like they used to be. But they are not as accessible as I would like.

I've left all the cages where they were. Henry's cage was the largest, Louis has a two room apartment made up from two cages pushed together. I thought I'd let him decide where he wanted to live, then take away the spare. Of course, being awkward, he likes Henry's cage during the day and his own at night.

So the only extra space is where the stand was. Today I went hunting for a bookcase to display my Vincent bits. With parrot feather dust in the air, glass doors would have been a bonus, but one at too high a price, even if the gorgeous Mexican display cupboard I saw would have fitted the space.

Here's something like what I chose:

It should accommodate all my Vincent stuff, and a few of my book overspill volumes. But every time I look at it, I will think of dear, sweet Henry, and how I would willingly live out of boxes if I could just have him back.

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