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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Annoyed. Upset. Offended.

With Vincent.

For weeks on end we have railed against NBC/USA/Dick Wolf for booting him out of LOCI, and one of our reasons for believing this was how it happened is that Vincent has kept quiet.

Now, after all our campaigning, he announces - to a French interviewer - that it was all his intention since Season 8.

He says he was glad to do LOCI because it kept him in New York instead of travelling away from his family to do movies while Elias was small. He also says he's leaving so he can do movies and spend more time with his family.

It doesn't take a Det. Goren to work out the contradiction there.

Didn't his loyal fans deserve to know sooner what was really going on? You've been paid the big bucks, Mr D'Onofrio, because we have watched episodes over and over again, we've given you the ratings that kept you and the show at the top. You were an audience-puller, and that audience was US. So yes, you are a private individual, but nevertheless your followers did deserve something better from you.

You haven't disappointed me often, but in this I feel really let down.

(For those who haven't read or watched the interview, it is in two parts on TheReel


Dawn said...

He didnt keep quiet though. He released a statement. Why there are fans who choose to believe that he had nothing to do with the statement, or that he was forced in to saying anything that he says, I'll never understand.

Also, people were reading between the lines about his opinion on the show/his place in it LONG before this happened. Remember him saying he would never say he was bored because he DIDN'T want to offend the people who liked the show? It's been obvious for so long that he wanted out. His own family have said so in their own public internet arenas.

IMO, People are taking all of this far far too personally. He left. He will come back for some episodes. He's not gone entirely. I'm lucky enough to live close to him and I've recently seen fans knocking on the door of his building on my way to work. It's all going far too far.. some blogs (not this one :) and forums are taking it way beyond anything that is remotely sensible now. If anyone dares to try and chime in with FACT they're instantly shot down as liars because there are a group of people out there who have made up their OWN 'truth' and wont be swayed from it. The obsession of some of those people is frankly, frightening. and THAT disappoints ME.

Dawn said...

also, please remember that he did say not long before the announcement that he was going to hand the show over to Jeff. Granted he said gradually...but he did say it. And again, people said 'Oh, it's a bad translation..that's not what he really said...'

even when the words come out of his mouth, people refuse to believe it and still say they want to hear it from him. He's saying it!! It's so frustrating!! :)

judith said...

Well what ever, I am going to miss him but I can see that for him it was time to move on. I just wish he had told us (the fans) in a different way and sooner than this so we wer'nt all adding 2 and 2 and getting 5. 'It's been obvious for so long that he wanted out.' I think I agree with that Dawn and I would say since season4.Still, and I know I've said it once I AM GONNA' MISS HIM.x

Diane said...

OK, this is my take on this - and I'm all the things you are, but on Vincent's behalf; then again, I would be wouldn't I?! ;0)

As far as I'm aware, Vincent D'Onofrio didn't ask ANY of us into even the peripheries of his life, or his work. We CHOSE him, not the other way around. We chose to watch him - or not. None of this is his 'fault' and I use that word because I'm so cross, I can't think of another one at the moment! As soon as I read that French interview - and other bits and pieces recently that made me think perhaps things WERE simpler than we all thought - I've been wondering how long before the backlash 'against' him would start. I just wasn't expecting to find it here *sits with mouth agape and eyes on stalks*

To my knowledge, Vincent didn't ask ANYONE to start a campaign to keep him on the show, in fact he's never asked anyone to do diddly-squat, except hopefully enjoy his work. Because we did love his work on C.I, and since we all thought he'd been shat on from a great height, we went to bat for him; and I'm STILL proud that we let the Network - and maybe Vincent - know how much he means to us. As Kate Erbe said to him, he would NEVER have signed on for this long originally, so I'm eternally grateful he stayed this long, I'm devastated he's going BUT it seems it IS his choice, so I respect that decision. He's perfectly at liberty to do with his life what he wants, the same as all of us, and if he's found a way that means he can do what he loves doing AND spend more time with his family, then I don't see what's so bad about that.

I was really happy everyone pulled in the same direction to begin with over this, now everything is splintered and turning ugly, there are some declaring black is white because that's what they want to believe (fine, if that's what makes you happy) but now VINCENT is getting the blame for it?!! My head's going to explode!

OK, I'm going to sit quietly in a darkened room for a while now....

Tess said...

Well, as has been pointed out. Vincent did make a statement, it's not his fault that people didn't listen to him. Sadly people took the word of a gossip columnist (Michael Ausiello) over Vincent..

Vincent decided now is the right time to leave, he doesn't owe us anything. He's already given us 8 incredible years...That should be enough.

Eliza said...

I'm not annoyed or disappointed with Vincent, just with the whole way this has been handled.

Ever since the first 'announcement' from USA we have been fed one piece of mis-information after another, to the extent that I don't really know what I believe any more.

The video on thereel is, as far as I can see, from the summer, and he doesn't say anything about leaving, just that it's a great job. As for the article in the french magazine, it's hard to work out exactly what he does say, if anything (feels more like it's been thrown together to get some attention for that magazine rather than a balanced article)

I think at the moment we all have our own thoughts on what happened, and they're going to stay just thoughts until something is said one way or the other, if that makes sense?

Dani said...

It just blows my mind to see how blindly people accept any drivel that appears on the Internet as fact without even thinking about it! If you took the time to look and to think, especially if you follow Vincent and his career, you would realize that that interview is a compilation of facts and half-truths taken entirely out of context. His "recent" health issues that the author claims took place "a few months ago" actually happened in 2004. That's a little more than a few months ago. The video on the Reel is also taken out of context. It was done in early 2009, probably during the Cannes Film Festival in May. Parts of it were released in July. The text accompanying the video claims it references S9 in spite of the fact that the video claims it's S8. Come on, people! It was S8!!! Vincent says he saw two of Jeff's episodes. By the time of the Cannes Film Festival, only 2 or 3 of Jeff's episodes had aired. And NO S9 EPISODES HAVE BEEN FILMED YET!!! So how can Vincent have seen them?! Come on, folks! THINK! It's not painful! Use some common sense here and do not take everything you see on the Internet as fact. There were reports not too long ago ON THE INTERNET that Jeff Goldblum was dead. That came as a huge surprise to the very-much-alive Mr. Goldblum. Do not take everything at face value. Just because someone says it, does not make it so! I can TELL you that I'm John Kennedy's love child. Does that suddenly transform me into someone I am not? Get real. All we have as hard cold fact here is that the network is letting the three major stars of CI go. That's it. Based on everything we have been able to find, it is not of the stars' choosing to go, in spite of what the network would have us believe. Vincent's statement was issued BY USA. Who knows what he really said? It was a gracious statement, but it was also ambiguous. He's not going to burn any bridges. The man is a class act. He did not come out and directly say it was his choice to leave. But if the network is going to let him go, what's he going to do about it? Of course he is going to move on with his career. Come on. What other choice does he have? Our latest information is that no contracts have yet been signed. So, we'll see what happens. If you need to vent against him for what the network has chosen to do, then go ahead. But do not base your anger on half-truths and video clips taken out of context and assigned alternative intent.

Nantz said...

Val, you of all people I hate to see disillusioned by "the video" because you have championed Vincent for so long, it breaks my heart. If you go to my site I have painstakingly stated my opinion as to the validity of that video being done in September. Even so, if Vincent decided he wanted to leave I am ok with that, but, I question the inconsistencies and the manner it came about. If his intention was to leave after Season 8 then why did it take USA Network so long to give us news beyond "negotiations are ongoing"? Katie and Eric would've known he was intent on leaving and it wasn't until the programming changed direction that there has been all this silence and "No comment" given. And, not until some of us made a fuss (me, I'll "man up") did interviews from France suddenly appear. Seems an attempt to quell the masses. Look, I can't fight a powerful network and think I'll get my way, I simply wanted the cast to know that all of us cared and appreciated them for all these years, that it was shoddy of them to have Vincent wrap things up in a 2 part premiere, that their trend towards lighter fare isn't the choice of everyone, and, as viewers we have the right to state our displeasure. Sour grapes? Most probably, I'm losing one of my favorite shows. The way they are handling "Monk" and Tony Shaloub departure is a slap in the face to LOCI whose major players, 3 of them, are also leaving yet are pushed aside like some unwanted red-headed stepchild. I'm not worried about Vincent, he will continue to shine in whatever he does, and, if this affords him more time with his family, that's a beautiful thing. If the statement that was released by USA Network on his behalf was the final word then why was it necessary to drum up a video that appears questionable at best? I have no regrets for excersizing my freedom of speech and showing loyalty, that's the way I was made, and to those of you who view me as some type of radical, if I can dish it out, I can take it. I am highly disturbed that people are knocking on Vincent's door, that's not right. Hang in there, Val, your loyalty to Vincent has always been inspiring and a delight for many of us to read on your blog. There are many blogs out there but yours is unique in that there is a nice mix of Vincent peppered with real life...fantasy and reality, a perfect balance...and I so enjoy learning more about the life behind the scenes of you as the blog writer. Thank you for everything...especially your passion.

jazzy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jazzy said...

May be it was his own decision to leave loci, so what? He is perfectly entitled to do whatever he wants to - without our permission.

jazzy said...

Since there's nothing bigger than his crotch my head keeps staying there.

ann said...

val, love is unconditional even when the object of one's affection is perfect or flawed...

the ones i love can still annoy me and disappoint me and let me down, that doesn't stop me loving them and i understand your frustration

whether the whole situation could have been handled by vincent or the 'powers that be' in a way that would have suited us fans is unlikely; there would have been clothes rent and sackcloth and ashes and tears and complaints whatever - now it's getting tiresome!!!!!

they all know how the fans feel - I think they've got the message and there is a fine line between lodging a complaint and harassment

instead of mourning vincent's departure from lo:ci we should be celebrating what he has given us, not just over 100 epis of the awesome bobby goren, but the friendship of like-minded strangers across the globe; for some people the only friends and family they have

i'm sure vincent will keep us entertained for a long time to come - we should move on and let him move on too

Benji said...

@jazzy -

That was exactly my point.

Little Sister said...

@Benji, thank you for being so critical. But why are you so offensive towards jazzy?

BASRIC said...

HE DOES THE NICE GUY PUBLICITY SO HE KEEPS OPTIONS OPEN. Last year he said he[d stay as long as the fans & the network wants it. This is about money. But you will NEVER hear that from either side. I do not blame him for not taking a half pay cut. Would you. even for the fans. Its really is all just good publicity.

Nantz said...

Val? Are you ok?

fuzzytweetie said...

Val, you're expressing the frustration that ALL of us are feeling. None of us want to admit that LOCI would come to an end eventually (for some of us VDO fans). I'm particularly frustrated about HOW the news came out, or DIDN'T for that matter. We will all miss Mr. D. as Bobby. Could all of this been handled better? Probably, too late to know now. Mr. D'Onofrio does have an obligation to live his life as he chooses. If that includes delighting us with is acting abilities then, we are blessed (and I'm DAMN happy).

jazzy, move over. You keep elbowing me out of the way. You must learn to share. His crotch is big, but, have a little consideration for me, will ya?? LOL

mauigirl said...

Val, honey, I'm hoping you just momentarily lost your mind and by now things are back to normal. :)

But I don't see ANYTHING wrong with letting the networks know about our dissappoinment over VDO leaving. We're showing our support for him/KE & EB, what's wrong with that? Other fans have done this for their chosen show/actors, and others will in the future. What, you don't think when NBC announced that Mariska H and Chris M were not coming back because of salary disputes, that their fans just sat back and said "Oh well"?

I believe what I believe. It had to do with $$$. That being said, I DO believe that this is now the best scenario, VDO and co were not being treated very nicely, so time to go. VDO will go on to do bigger and better things, and I'm very excited and happy for him.

@Jazzy - honey, you got your head RIGHT where it belongs, when you need to come up for air, can I have a turn?

jazzy said...

My previous comment was a reply to a personal insult.
Val, I'll thank you to enable the comment moderation if you don't mind.

val said...

Ann, with your usual wonderful way with words, you said what I wanted to but couldn't find a way to. Though I did write a comment last night that said something similar to your comment, but for some reason MY OWN COMMENT DIDN'T APPEAR IN MY OWN BLOG!

Yes, I still love him to bits. If actors want to earn a living, they have to study their fans. If they are too self-indulgent, they will starve, or become pretentious. Not that I'm saying that's true for Vincent. I wouldn't want him to carry on if he's unhappy. But I do think the fans were owed a prompt and truthful statement from one side or the other. It isn't a "backlash" against him, but this had preyed on my mind for a whole day, and I would not be true to my feelings about Vincent and this situation if I didn't express how I feel.

Meanwhile, what about Kathryn Erbe and Eric Bogosian? Did Kathryn have to leave because Vincent was going? Bogosian is part of the Nichols story, so it actually makes NO sense at all to get rid of him if it's the Nichols storylines you're going with. That's where the money angle looks like it comes in full force. Maybe they agreed to keep quiet about the true situation and Vincent is taking responsibility for something that was not his choice. Why was it left up to Elizabeth to publish the first news of his position in her blog?

Jazzy, I'll delete the comments of the offensive person. I wonder if it was Kathryn's situation she was referring to? I'm going to hold out on the comment moderation and hope this is a one-off.

ann said...

thanks val... I really do get where you're coming from

I did ask in my own recent post, was he pushed or did he jump and I think he's actually glad of the opportunity to leave - 8 years is a long time and there had been major changes in his character and the way bobby evolved left me wondering where would he go from here?

He had initially created a Goren who was sharp and incisive and full of energy, then as more of his personal history emerged (some of which was ridiculous) Bobby appeared lethargic and devoid of energy and drive (even tho' he still solved cases) and then we watched Kathryn up Alex's game and she appeared to take the lead.

What does surprise me, if it's at all true, is that Vincent has no idea what Kathryn feels or her views - aren't they in touch with each other? If he does know and he's asked that question, surely the response would be, ask her, not to say I don't know.

I'm also sad that Eric is leaving; I'm quite fond of him and actually preferred his personality and interaction with the others more than I did Jamey's.

I do agree that to respect the fans who have supported the show from the outset and still supported it when Vincent did half shift and when the writing changed, it would have been decent and courteous to have issued a more meaningful statement

The irony is that if they wanted it to become light entertainment, there were some episodes that were really amusing, and Vincent and Kathryn looked like they were having a ball, so that is a poor excuse, because they could have carried that off wonderfully.

The truth, sadly, is money and Vincent did talk about that some time ago in an interview - maybe he saw the writing on the wall

SnarkAngel said...

Let's face it folks ... we may never know the whole story. I think I can live with that now.

UrVxn said...

I have been off this thing due to illness for 3 days...I was surprised (to say the least) to hear Val say what she did. Come on sweetie, hang in there! Have you really taken a deep "DEEP" look at this "French thing'? It is clearly not from the present! Who was it that said.."Vince is a 'class act'? He is! Let's go with that! He said, "he would stay as long as the show and fans wanted him"! Ok? Let's go with that! So MUCH dis-information!! I haven't seen this much in years about anything!! They are sno-balling us big time. Again, what choice does he have than to go gracfully on with his career? Damn, I wish it would all go back 3 years to the good writing and let "Bobby and Alex continue on their way. Or let them, as a pair, get light and fluffy--does USA think these two actor can't get light?? What does this leave us with? $$$--why does it always come down to money vs quality?? And who gets hurt in this case--the viewer/fan who have chosen to watch/adore these people. I love VDO. (period) I could watch him act all day-- (and a couple of other things ALL DAY TOO!!) not a problem and I would love to see one more season and have the characters go out in an honorable way--not being shoved out the door!! Lets face it, the shown has at best one more season. Vincent and Kathryn, who have put 8 years of their careers/lives and demanding talents in to it, gave the show its life....deserve better treatment. I think VDO is carrying baggage for the leaving that is not his. He has been tagged the "bad boy" all these years, why not unload it on him??
I'm truly saddened by the entire situation...we have had our say...
in the same breath I say...I don't believe all this s--t they are throwing at us and expect us to swallow hook, line and sinker!!
His career will go on, he is a master at what he does...I will miss him, beyond belief. But I will never turn my back on him...unconditional love is just that. He goes on and so will I.
And in closing....Val I love this site too, and right now...YOU ARE ALL WE HAVE!!! Cheer up kiddo, I'm mourning too!!!

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