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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just in case you missed it...

...Guy is on the UK Indie Movies channel again next Wednesday at 11.10pm.

I'm so sorry, US Vixens. We get Guy and Pelham, and you - don't!

I did it again

Ann, of course you are right. Last night was Zoonotic. And of that I DO have pictures.

Diane, thanks for the tip to get my slideshows back. Blogger should employ you as techinical advisor!

I have more slideshows from this episode than any other. Here is a sample of why.

Remember when I had some email correspondence with this lucky actress?

Eggscuse me please

Remember little Rio, the conure who plucks herself bare for the delectation of her boyfriend Louis the orange-wing amazon?

The silly girl has been busy laying eggs for the past week or so. As soon as they are laid, the couple's ministrations lead to their destruction (they are not the world's most capable parents). I put in a plastic egg to try and discourage further laying. (Thankfully they can't actually be fertile because of the species difference.)

Well, thanks to calcium deficiency due to the egg production (and probably her body's attempt to replace missing feathers, too) she has become eggbound. Last night she was glued to my chest, and I wasn't sure she'd make it to this morning. But she did, and I took her to the specialist bird vet. The vet injected her with calcium and kept her in to try and "induce labour".

The latest news is she has perked up, and was sitting on the vet's shoulder when she called. She still hasn't passed the egg, but the vet is going to leave her overnight. If Rio hasn't done the business by morning, she will have to operate, removing the egg, and probably spaying her at the same time, so no more shenanigans.

Unlike the perky, pesky little patient, boyfriend Louis is sitting mournful, rejecting his food and praying for his girlfriend's swift return.

Friday, January 25, 2008

But Not Forgotten

We all know Vincent is unforgettable, and just to make sure, Channel 5 is showing this tonight, while Hallmark is showing A Person Of Interest. For some reason I don't appear to have many caps of that, so let's enjoy Bobby sniffing coffee.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm Honoured

Many thanks to DrowseyMonkey for this award. I will try to live up to it.

I would to thank my manager, the director, the producer, the lighting crew, and anyone else I forgot - and Vincent D'Onofrio, of course.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure, Drowsey's blog is at

Flying Visit

The day began perfectly at 4am, with the most amazing caterwauling outside my bedroom window. I swear there were words in it. At least one of my cats was stalking or being stalked by a fox or another cat. I went down into the garden to try to lure him in, to no avail. (Remember this is 4am!)

I go back to bed. As I close my eyes, certain in the knowledge that I am unlikely to doze off again because I will be worrying in case there is a feline injury in the offing, I realise there are flashing lights in my eyelids. Great - a migraine aura. Two painkillers later I was struggling to go to sleep, while trying to fix Bobby in my brain. Neither worked.

At 6.30am it was time to get up and get ready for work. I took two more painkillers, fed the creatures and myself, then set off in my car. Half a mile up the road, I suddenly realised I had not put all the parrots back in their cages. If I wanted to come home to birds with all their toes, I needed to go back and shut them all in. This meant I was late for work.

So all day my head has felt as if it belonged to someone else - and I've wished it did!

I also discovered that a teaching assistant who claims to be qualified as an English teacher does not know the meaning of the word "tenacious". She didn't understand "caterwauling" either, though to me the word sounds pretty self-explanatory. The ignorance of the young staggers me (yesterday I had to tell my students who Nelson Mandela is).

If I don't get to your blog today, forgive me.

These They Have Not Shown

I haven't capped Graansha, which is on tonight, so here are a few pictures from episodes they have not included in the current Season 2 run for some reason.


Cuba Libre


Cold Comfort

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