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Saturday, August 29, 2009


This comedy sketch show from BBC Radio 4 is intended to spoof Wikipedia. It now exists "form real" at:

I think you'll enjoy the BigiMedic questionnaire.

It doesn't mention Wikipedia, or the radio programme, but bizarrely it has its own entry in Wikipedia!

Climate Camp

In 1381, Wat Tyler led the Peasants' Revolt towards London, assembling at Blackheath before demanding to meet the king. It all ended badly. But there remains a street called Wat Tyler Road along the edge of the Heath. This is the site of the current Climate Camp, and as it's just a mile or so up the hill from where I live, I'm hoping to get up there for a quick look round over the next day or two.

Meanwhile, here's a little YouTube video I found.


I need a bit of Bobby to cheer me up.

The thoughtful pout.

The pleading eyebrows.

The glint of amusement.

The clenched jaw.

The double-take.

On reflection.

The penny dropped.

The dip.

The recoil (or if I was there, the kiss...)

And of course, let's not forget

Bobby's Butt

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thanks, everyone

Your words of kindness and comfort mean a lot to me. I'm not ready yet to go back to making Bobby posts, but I thought I'd tell you a bit about how the family support system kicked in.

I was due to visit my cousin in the New Forest, but she was very understanding when I had to change the date so that I could keep Henry's vet appointment, and even more so when I thought I might not make it at all because he was so ill. So when I lost him, she was happy to invite me down for the day to help me get away from the sadness.

She and her husband had great plans for our day, but en route to our lunch destination, we were caught in a huge traffic tailback, obviously caused by an accident. We turned around to take another route, then realised that the white mist in front of their lovely BMW was actually not the exhaust from the car in front, but their car overheating. We cruised back to their house, and while her husband waited for the RAC (rescue service) my cousin and I walked into the village to find some lunch.

When we returned, the engineer had arrived, and was preparing to tow the car to the dealership to replace the damaged radiator. We spent the afternoon chatting and reminiscing, and watching the birdlife in her garden. Unfortunately we could not look through the photos of her son's wedding last week (a very small, immediate family affair, as the bride's mother recently died) since all those who took pictures had then immediately gone off on jaunts to various parts of the globe.

Of course, with no car, it was not going to be possible for them to drive me back to the railway station in Southampton, which is about a 30-minute drive away. Luckily, their son runs the local Ferrarri and Maserati dealership, and he turned up with this amazing car to take me there in style:

This is a Maserati Quattroporte S luxury sports saloon.
It costs a cool £95,000!
I'm so grateful to my cousin and her family for taking me out of myself for the day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

He's gone

My darling Henry died last night at about 9.35. He was struggling so hard to breathe, but he wouldn't give up trying till he just couldn't carry on.

I can't describe how I feel. He was such a huge personality. He used to interrupt when I was on the phone, so everyone who called was familiar with his naughtiness. He whistled beautifully, and loved to create mischief. He loved me to scratch his little hard head.

I love him so much.

I may visit a few of your blogs, but I won't be leaving comments, and it will be a few days before I can bring myself to post again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not posting

I'm not posting tonight. Henry is beside me struggling for every breath, and I'm not sure he will make it through the night and to his next vet visit.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Vincent D'Onofrio Fan Club

Eliza, Diane, Ann and I met up in London today for the third annual Vixenfest. We might have stopped talking in order to eat, but I don't remember it. We had a text from Tess (Hi, Tess!) and talked about all things Vincent for hours.

Walking down Oxford Street, London's main shopping thoroughfare, we looked in the menswear shops trying to find things we'd like to dress him in. And undress him from...

We rummaged through the DVDs in the HMV shop, and were surprised to find quite a few, though it was a shock to find that LOCI was not in the Best of US TV rack, but in the basement among the also-rans (like CSI?!) I bought Chelsea Walls, and congratulated the salesman on having so many V-titles in stock. Though I had to admit that we all had them all already in several different formats, so we wouldn't be buying any.

Does anyone think we're weird to look for his films when we alreay have them in video, US and European formats?

Oh, and by the way, they had Clare Dolan, which Amazon cancelled orders for because its issue had been cancelled. Wrong!

Eliza, me and Diane

Eliza, Diane and Ann


So many good moments.Though Bingham should really think about NOT dying that hair so dark.

There's something about this pose.

And this one.

Don't know what it is about this one.

Just look at that expression.


These hand and wrist shots...




This is what he looks like just before he kisses me.

I wish.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

How clever is that?

This is my pretty little cat, Mitzi.

She loves to drink from water in the garden. She might jump up on to the bird bath, or drink from a bucket that has filled with rainwater. Recently I made a garden pond out of a big black plastic tub, and put lots of plants in it. She stretches to her full, but very petite, length to drink from it.

One of the plants I put in sends little detached leaves up to the surface of the tub, and there are now so many of these that today, when she tried to drink out of it, Mitzi couldn't see the water for the leaves. So she stuck in her paw and swished it about to move them aside.

I couldn't take a picture as any movement from me would have made her do a flit unquenched, but I was really impressed by her intelligence and ability to work out a solution to her problem.

Meanwhile, Henry is at least no worse. He is certainly up to spilling his seed pot everywhere when he has done with it, and he seems to be enjoying his honey water. I am NOT looking forward to finding the alternative surgery my vet uses tomorrow morning, and I just hope the motorists going to Gatwick Airport manage not to cause any major tailbacks on the motorway by their stupid driving and needless accidents.


Not a favourite episode, but of course it does highlight Bobby's cleverness, always a good thing.

The arms are bulging in those jacket sleeves.

I love how Bobby makes people feel uncomfortable on purpose.

Thumbs up to those lids and lashes.

Those lips were made for kissing.

He looks so earnest.

Whoever decided to have that button undone and show of that neck
knew what they were doing.

Those shoulders just do something to me.

I want those hands to do something to me...

Such concern. Almost worth being in a persistant vegetative state for.

How about a caption for this one?

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