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Saturday, August 29, 2009


I need a bit of Bobby to cheer me up.

The thoughtful pout.

The pleading eyebrows.

The glint of amusement.

The clenched jaw.

The double-take.

On reflection.

The penny dropped.

The dip.

The recoil (or if I was there, the kiss...)

And of course, let's not forget

Bobby's Butt


Eliza said...

It's not just his butt in that's the way his shirt gets tight when he moves :-D

judith said...

so glad to see you back. i for one have missed you. AND what FAB. pics.! thankyou.x

Tess said...

I see Eliza and I had the same thought!

bd fan said...

Sexy Butt Robert GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

Drowsey Monkey said...

Oh I do enjoy your obsession. I say "your" because ya know, I'm not obsessed or anything.

SnarkAngel said...

"Pleading eyebrows" gets me every time ... {wipes drool off keyboard}

PurpleVixen7 said...

Bobby can cheer up any lady right away..mmmm..mmm!!;)))

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