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Sunday, August 23, 2009

How clever is that?

This is my pretty little cat, Mitzi.

She loves to drink from water in the garden. She might jump up on to the bird bath, or drink from a bucket that has filled with rainwater. Recently I made a garden pond out of a big black plastic tub, and put lots of plants in it. She stretches to her full, but very petite, length to drink from it.

One of the plants I put in sends little detached leaves up to the surface of the tub, and there are now so many of these that today, when she tried to drink out of it, Mitzi couldn't see the water for the leaves. So she stuck in her paw and swished it about to move them aside.

I couldn't take a picture as any movement from me would have made her do a flit unquenched, but I was really impressed by her intelligence and ability to work out a solution to her problem.

Meanwhile, Henry is at least no worse. He is certainly up to spilling his seed pot everywhere when he has done with it, and he seems to be enjoying his honey water. I am NOT looking forward to finding the alternative surgery my vet uses tomorrow morning, and I just hope the motorists going to Gatwick Airport manage not to cause any major tailbacks on the motorway by their stupid driving and needless accidents.


Laura said...

My cat is all gray. Really beautiful! Four days ago I quarreled with my sister that is 12: she wanted to call my little parrot (which I bought recently) Valentino but also the cat is called so!!!.... Now I have a cat and a parrot called Valentino! :-(

ps. best wishes for your parrot

Tess said...

Ah...She's a tuxedo cat! I have one too. Good luck at the Vet tomorrow and have fun with Ann, Di and Eliza.

Drowsey Monkey said...

She's a sweetie :) And very smart, clearly. Glad Henry is doing a bit better ... being able to knock over the seed dish is a good thing!

JoJo said...

Aw, so sweet!!! Good luck at the vet tomorrow and can't wait to see your pics of the next gathering of the UK Vixens!!

SnarkAngel said...

Mitzi is as adorable as Henry. Not sure why, but my cat, Smokey, will bat at his water dish and try to move it before drinking from it. So I started using a heavy, ceramic bowl for his water so he wouldn't splash it all over the kitchen floor for me to clean up. LOL. Last night we fell asleep together with his chin resting comfortably on my arm. Aren't animals wonderful?

Eliza said...

Of course Mitzi is clever, she's a girl!!

Good luck with both the vet and the traffic today..we'll wait if you get held up :-D

Frances said...

Love the colour of your kitty,years ago I had a black and white cat called Tuppence, he was a real

My present cat likes to sit in the shower while the water is running and bat at the water dripping on his head.

ann said...

my cats used to like water - even curious when my kids were little and in the bath

I'm so glad you added the word 'pot' after saying Henry is up to spilling his seed (sorry - couldn't resist)

we used to take our budgies to the vet; mostly they would be eggbound, but one vet told us that one of them was sexually frustrated - how the hell did he know that, although they were always rubbing themselves against our hands - believe me you couldn't make that up

hope you get Henry there in good time and you get to us in good time too - c u soon :>)

Anonymous said...

I think animals are smarter than we give them credit for.

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