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Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm Back!

OK, I know you didn't know I'd been away, and indeed I haven't, but it felt like I was in Outer Mongolia. My old computers were so slow!

But now my newest one is back, better than ever. I still have a myriad programmes to download, but the most important (McAfee, Blogger, Yahoo, MSN) are here and ready to use. What is even better is, all my data was successfully rescued.

What a great way to celebrate Vincent's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Handsome

Dearest Vincent

 We all hope you have an absolutely wonderful day.

Love and Kisses from Val and the Vixens

Identity Crisis - Day 4

Serious. Handsome. Seriously handsome.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Those of a sensitive disposition...

...look away now if you do not want to see a poor defenceless animal suffering.

Yes, folks, this is Alex's poor dog JJ being tortured into crashing out on the sofa during our lessons. Pity the poor mutt.

Identity Crisis - Day 3

Goren in the dark. Dream come true. Though of course, in my dream, he's not fully clothed...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Better Late ThanNever

When I woke up this morning (earlier than I needed or intended) I heard on the news that today the Queen would be unveiling the long-awaited and overdue monument to those who served (and the many who lost their lives) in Bomber Command in World War II. What's more, the only remaining Lancaster bomber that still flies would be doing a fly-past. I couldn't get back to sleep, I decided I needed to find out the time of the ceremony and go. So at midday I was at the Commmonwealth war memorial section of Green Park to see what I could see.

The reason this memorial had never been built before was that the powers-that-be felt embarrassed because British bombers killed around 600,000 German civilians. But they, not the airmen who sacrificed their lives, were responsible for that. Dresden will always be a stain on the Allies' conduct of the latter part of the war, but those who died believing their leaders had a reson for these acts cannot be blames, and should be honoured. The recently late Robin Gibb fought hard to get this memorial built.

The roofs of the nearby buildings carried film crews as well as other observers:
The Horse Guards rode past on their magnificent glossy black beasts:

Along with the veterans by the monument there were current members of the RAF in their grey uniforms:

I saw the Queen's car, but not the Queen (it was empty) but that's no loss to a non-royalist like me. I missed filming the formation of jets that started off the flypast. But I did manage to film the Lancaster and its poppy drop. Remember the Wellington Arch, Maui?


 Later, despite the hot weather (at last! but too much! 28 degrees) I went on to Oxford Street, the busy central London shopping street. Bizarrely, a large number of the paper poppies had found their way there, so I was able to collect a souvenir. Now I just need to see a Spitfire fly and I will be happy.

Identity Crisis - Day 2

This picture makes me think of Joan of Arc, for some reason. I'd certainly celebrate his saint's day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You Cannot Be Serious!

My energy provider has just reduced my monthly payments by £17. Great news!

Oh, but hang on. They don't seem to be taking much notice of the gas side of the equation, though the monthly payments would be even smaller if they weren't really including it.

However, when I look at the latest bill, I see I am well over £600 in credit.

Yes, that's right, over £600!

They don't mention a refund. It would pay nicely for the repairs to my leaky gutter. Though I'd rather put it towards a new car. But hey, we can't have everything.

But EDF energy, I CAN have a refund. Don't take too long getting back to me.

Identity Crisis - Day 1

It's Goren of the super-fast-growing hair!

 And all because they couldn't be bothered to show these episodes in the right order.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012


How lucky we are to have lived through the incarnation of the world's greatest, sexiest detective, with the wonderful Vincent D'Onofrio as Robert Goren.

But we have been lucky enough in the UK to have had a lifetime of perfect matches between actor and role.

When Agatha Christie met the actress Joan Hickson, she told her that, when she was older, she would be the perfect Miss Marple. The TV people were able to see this, too, and so we had many years of wonderful portrayals.

Poirot, too, was perfectly portrayed by David Suchet, who continues in the role occasionally to this day.

The finest ever Sherlock Holmes was indubitably the wonderful, plummy-voiced Jeremy Brett. He was also the finest Maxim de Winter in Rebecca, just as Colin Firth was the best Mr Darcy.

Ruth Rendell's Inspector Wexford was stuffed full of character by George Baker long past a real copper's retirement age (and indeed she has brought the character out of retirement recently. Sadly, George is no longer around to portray him). Here he is with his on-screen wife, who became his real-life wife after the death of his previous Mrs.

One of my favourite cop teams is Dalziel and Pascoe. Colin Buchanan is good as Inspector Pascoe, but Warren Clarke is irresisistible as the Fat Controller Dalziel (for my US readers, that's pronounced "Dee-ell")

Any perfect casting you would like to share with us?

Playing Dead - Day 10

Moving in for the kill.

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