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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Grand Master

And I don't mean the chess player.

"There's Val. If she's got more groin pictures I'm going to be really angry."

Woman at computer: "Kiss me, Detective."

Life Pose with Eyelashes.

Strong arms with eyelashes and hands.

The hands are in evidence a lot in this episode.

Oh, so that's what they mean by "highbrow"!

"That's what happens if you don't let people do what they're good at."
Is there anything you are NOT good at, Bobby?
Whatever it is, I'll help you improve.
In bed :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Post 1700

The Best View in NYC

Double dose.

The only thumbs ever to make me feel all hot and bothered.

"Don't drink that coffee, you're bulimic.
There's nowhere here for you to throw it up."

"Here, give it to me...

...Sh*t that's hot!"

"I put my keys in my pocket so the Vixens could dream."

Sit on my bed, my bed, Bobby, please, it's much nicer than that one.

Hot coffee cup, then backing into the door. Not your day, is it?

A rare picture of Vincent standing on his head in a yoga class.

Astride the chair, leaning on the back.
Better astride me, leaning on the bed...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So Tired

I noticed while I was capping The View From Up Here how tired Vincent looked in this episode.

Come and rest your head on my lap, darling.

Vincent and the Gang of Four

At last it happened! I had a dream about Vincent.

We were all there, Eliza, Diane, Ann and me. I can't tell you exactly what was going on, but it was sort of like the photos we have when Vincent's filming on location, except we just sat around and chatted with him. We were trying very hard to be "proper", and not jump on him or say all the things we would love to say, but that we knew would embarrass him. We were chatting for ages, very relaxed and happy.

In that way it was a very realistic dream. And in the same way it was totally unrealistic, as we would be little puddles on the floor if we really did find oursleves in this situation, or else we would jump on him and ravish him on the spot.

I loved every minute. Hope you other three were having the same dream.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Active Giant

I think it was JoJo who first noticed that, according to this,
Vincent is Well Ann Dowd ;)

"I don't get it."

"I still don't get it."

A hint, I do declare.

A tantalising hint.

An even bigger hint.

A wayward curl.

He's perching again.

And he's just so damned handsome.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

As you know, right-click is disabled at TheReel. If you use Internet Explorer, anyway.

With Firefox you can click and save. Google Chrome tells you it is disabled, but then lets you save anyway. So for those who have not been able to save it, here is the other picture of Vincent at the Ehtan Hawke do last night.

Thanks to TheReel. Enjoy, everyone.

A Genius Among Us

You see, this is another reason to love Eliza. She never met a challenge she didn't want to rise to.

She took the calendar pictures I struggled with for hours, unable to separate them into individual pages, and, lo and behold (or, if you prefer thejoke version, low and beholed) here are the individual pages turned into a slideshow.

And here they are in saveable and printable versions. Again, if you don't have the wherewithal to adjust the size to your needs, I can email you A4 size.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Body Worlds Exhibition

First of all, congratulations to Blogger for publishing my pictures in exact reverse order, thus taking away the impact of my post.

Today we took my class to the Body Worlds exhibition at the O2 (the Millennium Dome that was).

Gunther Von Hagens invented the technique of "plastination" to preserve bodies and their parts and use them in displays. There are human and animal bodies in all stages of being stripped down to show their component parts. There are cross sections of parts of the body, showing things like lung cancer and blocked arteries among many other things. It was very interesting, and not nearly as sick-making as this vegetarian feared.

The most amazing item on display was this giraffe.

He split the body in two to reveal the internal organs.

This horse has two riders, and shows various bits of musculature and bone.

This man is carrying his own skin.

This is a pregnant woman with an 8-month baby in her womb.

He displays blood vessels, nerves and any other part of the body you could imagine. There are complete brains, slices of brains, separated hemispheres. You name it, he has preserved and now displays it.
It's amazing. And at least he doesn't have the non-human creatures killed for his art. (It goes without saying he didn't have the humans killed!)
If it comes to an exhibition place near you, you might well enjoy it.
Photos are all from Google.

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