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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Calendar 2009

Blank space.

I did a great calendar. Downloaded a free Microsoft Office 2007 programme to which I was entitled because I bought the mother programme. Made my Vincent calendar. Can't upload it to Photobucket 'cos it comes out as one page, not 12 separate pages. Can't upload it to BLogger 'cos it can't cope with the format.

I CAN email it to you sight unseen. Whether you'll be able to download it without Office 2007 I have no idea.


Thank goodness Eliza makes things more accessibly.


Lozzie Cap said...

Have you tried it on LiveJournal?

It's a conspiracy I tell you. :-D

Music Wench said...

It's definitely a plot to frustrate the hell out of us. While I love all the toys to play with and make beautiful Vincent things, I also hate them for being so difficult.

fuzzytweetie said...

I'll take a leap of it to me, who knows, maybe I can post it......once I figure out what all the buttons, whistles and bells are for on these damn "so easy a child can do it" fucking programs.

I don't think photobucket likes me. I can download pictures but can't upload, move to my blog or much of anything else with them. I think I need to send Carl or Edgar over to have a little "talk" with photobucket.

Eliza said...'s what you try..maybe.

Bring each page up on your screen,on your keyboard there is a button that says 'print screen',hit that,then open 'Paint'..go to the edit tab,click paste and you should have a picture of your screen,save it as a jpg,then you can cut it in an image program.

Or you can e-mail it to me and I'll see if I can do it :-)

Kimberly said...

I would love a new calender...this year's is going fast...and Lord knows I need my everyday Vincent fix!
Please send me one if its still okay.

do you have our emails???

Tess said...

I'm glad Eliza is here to tell you what to do because I wouldn't have a clue!

Anonymous said...

I downloaded what it assured me was a FREE calendar-making programme. It was brilliant, really quick and easy! It kept on assuring me it was FREE as I busily went about my Vincent-making Business. It was only when it came to printing out the goods that it advised me I could only print 3 pages - with a bloody great watermark across them - and that if I wanted all 12 pages (which seems kind of 'necessary' for a calendar) without their watermarks, it would cost me the 'special price' of $197!!!

I went back to 'knitting' my 2009 VDO calendar with my own fair hands.

val said...

Fuzzytweetie, Kimberly, I don't have your emails. You can always send them to my "fake" email address, the one it doesn't matter if it falls into the worng hands, 'cos it is a made-up name:

Sadly, Eliza, it doesn't separate out into separate pages. I tried putting in page breaks, but it lost it format. I'll send it to you.

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