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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Grand Master

And I don't mean the chess player.

"There's Val. If she's got more groin pictures I'm going to be really angry."

Woman at computer: "Kiss me, Detective."

Life Pose with Eyelashes.

Strong arms with eyelashes and hands.

The hands are in evidence a lot in this episode.

Oh, so that's what they mean by "highbrow"!

"That's what happens if you don't let people do what they're good at."
Is there anything you are NOT good at, Bobby?
Whatever it is, I'll help you improve.
In bed :)


Music Wench said...

Hands in close proximity to his fabulous lips! Lovely! Makes up for no groin shot. ;-)

Lozzie Cap said...

Interesting biological observation: You can tell from how bendy his hands/wrists are, that he is hyper-mobile. That's "Double Jointed" to you and me.


Thought that might provide you with some more interesting daydream material.

jazzy said...

hyper-mobile with what?

if he was a grand master, i would like to play king and queen with him until he is checkmate.

SnarkAngel said...

It's not just his hands ... it's also his wrists ... those thick, strong, double-jointed wrists. *sigh*

ann said...

GRAND MASTER - holding that thought - the word master and Bobby puts shivers and quivers through me

JoJo said...

How in the world did that actress keep from locking lips with him??

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