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Monday, November 10, 2008

No Cloud

Just a Silver Lining.

Eames: "Wow, just look at what those Vixens post about you on their blogs!"

Bobby, those trousers are not tight enough.

"Eyes up, ladies. And Snarkangel."

"I can play this fretwork like a fine violin."

I swear he offers us his neck on purpose.

"You better believe it."

How handsome is he here?

Someone really taught you how to stand up staight and not slouch.
And I love it.

Do you think Bobby is regretting his childlessness as he sees the perps driven away?


fuzzytweetie said...

I'll look at him in ANY order! LOL

Anonymous said...

I really HATE that, but the pictures are wonderful.

Lozzie Cap said...

That whole thing with Bobby and his childlessness ... remember the time when SWMNBN said something like "You and I Bubby, we will never have kids" and he said "Well ... uh, don't count me out just yet."

Music Wench said...

Loved this epi. Bobby the master detective and the master thief.

SnarkAngel said...

I can practically SMELL his testosterone through the computer screen! LOL

Eliza said...

I liked this episode too..especially the respect that Bobby had for the criminal mastermind...he obviously admired the thinking behind the crimes,if not the crimes themselves (excepting the crime the girl did,of course)

does that even make sense?

jazzy said...

eliza, everything with bobby makes sense... somehow.

omg his hands *drool*

BASRIC said...

Excellent caps as usual. And you're always amusing.

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